• Sozopol travel tips
  • Where to see the famous Sozopol vampire

    Museums in Sozopol

    As a history buff it is no wonder why Sozopol is one of my favourite seaside towns. There is so much history buried in this place. You probably haven’t heard about the Sozopol vampire. A vampire in Bulgaria? Yep, that’s correct. It is no surprise at all as Romania, the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, is our neighbour. In […]

  • Sozopol travel tips
  • Sozopol through my lens

    Sozopol through my lens

    Sozopol is one of my favourite seaside towns in Bulgaria. It is a small town with a very old history and beautiful beaches. I used to go there every summer. The ancient ruins, standing next to little wooden houses, create a unique atmosphere. I can still remember the after dinner walks in the Old Town. The cobbled […]

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