Villa Rosiche: A romantic pastry shop in the heart of Sofia

Patisserie Villa Rosiche

You won’t find this place by accident. It is hidden so well so even if you pass along it, you will just continue to walk without noticing it. The place, Patisserie Villa Rosiche, is located in the heart of Sofia, on a quiet little street next to Vitosha Blvd. A blue plaque with the name […]

Orsetti Pasticceria: A little piece of Italian pastry heaven

Orsetti Pasticceria

Orsetti Pasticceria is a little piece of Italian pastry heaven located in the center of Sofia. The place is a family run Italian pastry shop. Its name means “bears” and you will find one on their cute logo. The atmosphere is very stylish and cozy. Orsetti Pasticceria offers cakes, croissants, sandwiches and pizza. The pastries […]

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