How to adjust the itinerary to suit your trip

Take a good look on the map and read carefully the itinerary to check if all details and descriptions are clear to you. If you have a paper map of the city, you can draw up your itinerary there. I find the mobile version of the city guides of TripAdvisor very useful. They can work offline and they are gps based, which is very helpful if you want to find a certain place or in case you get lost.

The itinerary starts about 09:00 AM and ends about 05:00 PM. Usually before the last site and the dinner (which is at 07:00 PM) I left 1-2 hours, so you can catch up if you are behind the schedule or just want to take a walk around the city.

Sites and restaurants
Check the working hours of the sites and the restaurants to be sure that they won’t be closed in the day of your visit. Many of the museums are closed on Monday and not all restaurants work every day of the week.  Most of the restaurants, which are included in the itinerary, serve local food. For me trying the local cuisine is an essential part of the trip. You can choose from 2 or 3 restaurants for lunch or dinner.

How I choose which restaurants to include in the itinerary?
Some of the restaurants I found during my trips and some of them I chose based on excellent reviews on travel sites.  If you visit a restaurant and don’t like it, I would really appreciate it to let me know. I would check if it still deserves to be in the list of the registered restaurants.

If you have any suggestions or questions I will be happy to help you.  You can contact me here.

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  1. Elina says: Reply

    Milena, spasibo! I am going to Europe in two weeks and will be using your 2 and 3 day Vienna itineraries without a doubt. Beautiful photos and details 🙂

    1. Thanks, Elina. Have a great trip. 🙂

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