• What to see outside of Paris
  • Château de Fontainebleau

    History of Château de Fontainebleau Château de Fontainebleau (Palace of Fontainebleau) is located 60km south of Paris. The beautiful complex of the palace started its history as a small hunting lodge in 12th century. In 1528 François I replaced the lodge with a palace in Renaissance style. During the next centuries the building was subsequently enlarged and […]

  • What to see in Paris
  • Panthéon: Place for an eternal peace of great Frenchmen

    History of the Panthéon Panthéon is a Neoclassical building located in the Latin Quarter of Paris. It was built on the site of a ruined church dedicated to St. Genevieve during the reign of King Louis XV. The King vowed that if he survived his illness, he would replace the damaged church with a new one […]

  • What to see in Sofia
  • Bulgarian National Art Gallery: Contemporary art in a royal palace

    History of the Bulgarian National Art Gallery Bulgarian National Art Gallery (Национална художествена галерия) is located on Battenberg square in Sofia. It is housed in a former royal palace, built after Bulgaria’s proclamation of independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878. The construction started in 1880 during the reign of Prince Alexander of Battenberg, first monarch […]

  • What to see in Paris
  • Saint-Eustache


    History of the Church of Saint-Eustache Saint-Eustache is a beautiful church situated next to the Forum des Halles in Paris. The history of the church began in 1213 when a small chapel was built. It was dedicated to Saint-Eustache, a roman general who was burned for converting to Christianity. The construction of the present building of the […]

  • What to see in Paris
  • Saint-Étienne-du-Mont

    History of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont Saint-Étienne-du-Mont is a little church in Paris located just opposite the Panthéon. It was built on the site of an abbey of St. Geneviève (the patron saint of Paris). The construction encountered numerous delays and continued over a century, from 1492 till 1626. The church Saint-Étienne-du-Mont houses the shrine of Saint Geneviève. Unfortunately […]

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