The best classical music concerts in Vienna

What is a visit to the city of Mozart without a visit to a classical music concert? There are so many Vienna classical concerts! You can choose from concerts in palaces, opera houses or even churches. Check out my guide to find out the best ones and from where to buy your Vienna opera tickets.

You better buy your tickets online in advance, especially if you want them for a certain date. Yet if you miss to do that, you have another option. You can buy tickets from the sellers dressed up as Mozart around St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. But still better book your Vienna opera tickets online as early as you can.

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn

My all time favourite concert is the Vienna Philharmonic summer night concert in Schönbrunn Palace park. This Vienna Philharmonic concert is held every year since 2004. It is an unforgettable experience and the best part is that the admission is free!

There is no dress code and no reservation is required. Show up about 3 hours before the concert if you want to find a place near the stage.
According to the official website the concert cannot be heard on the meadow behind the stage, in front of the Gloriette. More information here.

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn
Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn
Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn
Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn

Schönbrunn Palace Evening Concert

If you aren’t lucky to be in Vienna during the Summer night concert in Schönbrunn, you still have a chance to hear a concert in Schönbrunn. There are regular concerts held in the Orangery at Schönbrunn Palace.

The Orangery is one of the two largest Baroque orangeries in the world (the other one is in Versailles). Mozart himself played here in a competition between him and the imperial Kapellmeister Antonio Salieri. Don’t miss to see the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra playing melodies of Strauss and Mozart.

Get your classical music concert tickets here
You can combine this concert with a dinner and a visit to palace itself. More details here.

Schönbrunn Palace
Schönbrunn Palace

Strauss and Mozart Concerts at Kursalon

The Kursalon is one of the most famous concert halls in Vienna. This is the place where the waltz became popular in the 19th century. Johann Strauss and his orchestra used to perform here regularly. Attending to this Vienna classical concert is a unique experience. You will enjoy opera singers, ballet dancers, piano concertos and more.

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You can combine the Strauss and Mozart Concert at Kursalon Wien with a dinner. More details here.


Mozart Orchestra concerts at Musikverein or Vienna State Opera House

Attending a performance by the Vienna Mozart Orchestra will take you back through time to the 18th century. The Vienna Mozart Orchestra was founded in 1986 by some of the best musicians of the Viennese orchestras. This orchestra performs mostly works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dressed up in historical costumes and wigs. Enjoy some of the Mozart best symphonies, arias and operas. Truly magical experience!

Get your tickets (at Vienna State Opera House) here.
Get your Vienna opera tickets (at Musikverein) here.
You can combine the concert at Musikverein with a dinner. More details here.

In April, May, June and September selected opera and ballet performances are broadcast live on a video screen outside the opera house. More details here.

Vienna State Opera House
Vienna State Opera House

Vienna Hofburg Orchestra Concerts

What a better place to listen to a Vienna classical music concert than the Imperial palace (Hofburg)! Attending this concert will let you admire the interior of the palace under the sound of the best musical compositions of Mozart and Strauss.

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Vienna classical concerts at St. Charles Church

Attending a classical music concert in a church is a unique experience, especially when this church is St. Charles Church. The latter is the most beautiful Baroque church in Vienna. Don’t miss the Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or the Mozart Requiem at St. Charles Church.

Get your tickets for Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the St. Charles Church here.
Get your tickets for Mozart Requiem Concert at the St. Charles Church here.

St. Charles Church
St. Charles Church

Vienna classical concerts at St. Anne’s Church

Another option to attend a Vienna classical concert in a church is at St. Anne’s Church. The church is small and can easily be missed. All this is compensated by its lavish interior.

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St. Anne's Church
St. Anne’s Church

If you are really into the Viennese classical music, you can treat you and your partner with an unforgettable experience with these waltz lessons.

Have you attended a classical music concert in Vienna? Did you enjoy the experience? Which is your favourite Vienna orchestra?

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