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My name is Milena Yordanova. I’m a travel blogger based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I’m the face behind of My Vacation Itineraries.

My Vacation Itineraries is a travel blog with focus on European destinations. It was created in 2013 and its main goal is to inspire and help people to travel more.

My Vacation Itineraries is a valuable source of information for travelling in Europe. It provides detailed guides, reviews of hotels and local restaurants, itineraries and many travel tips.

Blog Statistics

Current as of March, 2017

Alexa Score: 576,204
Page Authority: 36
Domain Authority: 23

Traffic Statistics

Monthly Page Views: 11,000+
Monthly Unique Visitors: 6,000+
Bounce Rate: 77.97%


Gender: male (38.49%), female (61.51%)
Age: 18-24 (18.25%), 25-34 (46.78%), 35-44 (15.78%)
Location: United States (17.44%), United Kingdom (13.26%), Germany (9.62%), Bulgaria (7.67%)

Social media

Twitter: 800+
Instagram: 180+
Facebook: 220+
Pinterest: 150+
Google+: 240+

To begin sponsorship with My Vacation Itineraries, please contact Milena Yordanova at yordanova.mmilena(at)

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