Aachen Christmas Market Guide (Map + Dates 2023)

A complete guide to Aachen Christmas market 2023 (+ map, opening dates and all you need to know about the market).

There is no doubt that Germany has the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. And the Aachen Christmas market (Aachener Weinachtsmarkt) is not an exception. In fact, it is one of the prettiest markets in Germany (confirmed by more than one million annual visitors).

The first Christmas market in Aachen was held in 1973 with only a dozen stalls. By 1989 that number quintupled, and today there are over 120 illuminated stalls, selling Christmas ornaments, treats and mulled wine.

In this Aachen Christmas market guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan an unforgettable visit. From the market’s location and opening times to what to eat, where to stay and the best festive activities this winter.

Aachen Christmas market guide 2023

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Town Hall and the cathedral, the Aachener Weinachtsmarkt boasts a quaint medieval atmosphere. Every year the squares and the streets around both landmarks are festively decorated with thousands of lights. The wooden chalets offer everything from mulled wine and delicious foods to handmade candles and Christmas ornaments.

The main market is located at Marktplatz am Rathaus, Katschhof and Münsterplatz right in the heart of the city. In addition to this, there are two small markets, selling mainly food at Holzgraben and Kugelbrunnen.

When does the Aachen Christmas market start?

The market is held from 24 November to 23 December. The stalls are open daily between 11:00 AM and 09:00 PM.

Aachen Christmas market dates 2023

From 24 November to 23 December
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Is the Christmas market open on Sunday?
Yes, the Aachener Weinachtsmarkt is open on Sundays.

Is the market open after Christmas?
No, the Aachen Christmas market ends on December 23 (as most of the markets in Germany).

Tips about Aachen Christmas market

Accommodation – December is one of the busiest times to visit Aachen. So if you’re planning an overnight stay, make sure to book a hotel well ahead of time.

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Map – find here a map of the precise locations of the market.

Best Christmas markets in Aachen

Aachen features one big Christmas market (located on three squares) and 2 smaller Advent markets. All are located within walking distance of each other and the train station as well.

I’d recommend you to visit the main market, which is set around the cathedral and town hall. The other two locations offer mainly food and they are not a must-see, especially if you’re visiting Aachen on a day trip.

Aachen Christmas markets 2023

  • Marktplatz am Rathaus
  • Katschhof
  • Münsterplatz
  • Advent Market Holzgraben
  • Advent Market Kugelbrunnen

Marktplatz am Rathaus

Marktplatz am Rathaus

The Christmas market at Marktplatz is set against the backdrop of the 14th-century medieval Rathaus (Town Hall). With more than 50 wooden chalets, this is the main market in Aachen. You’ll find everything, from handmade gifts and decorations to tasty food and mulled wine.

My tip: Try Aachen Printen (spiced gingerbread) from the bakery Nobis. They have been making the traditional Aachen Printen since 1858!

Marktplatz am Rathaus
From 24 November to 23 December
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Address: Markt, 52062 Aachen, Germany
Aachener Weinachtsmarkt official website



A few steps away from Marktplatz am Rathaus, you’ll find the market at Katschhof. It is my favourite Christmas market in Aachen because of its picturesque setting. Located right between the stunning Aachen Cathedral and the Town Hall, this market boasts a magical atmosphere.

If possible visit during the day for fewer crowds but also in the evening to enjoy all the lights and decorations.

My tip: Try the OECHER Glühwein-Treff, the oldest Glühwein stall in the city. Their high-quality red mulled wine is made from Dornfelder grapes and the white from Müller-Thurgau grapes.

From 24 November to 23 December
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Address: Katschhof, 52062 Aachen, Germany



At the southern end of the Aachen Cathedral, at Münsterplatz, you’ll find the third location of the Aachener Weinachtsmarkt. The highlight is the Hexenhof, a large temporary Biergarten, where you can enjoy some mulled wine away from the cold.

From 24 November to 23 December
Daily from 11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Address: Münsterplatz, 52062 Aachen, Germany

More Aachen Christmas markets

Besides the main Christmas market, there are two Advent Markets located on Holzgraben and Kugelbrunnen. The stalls at both markets sell only food, so skip them, unless you’re not staying in the city for more than one day.

However, if you’re travelling with kids, you may want to check out the market at Holzgraben, which features a children’s carousel.

Where to stay in Aachen for the Christmas market

Aachen is an easy day trip from Cologne and other major cities in Germany. You’ll need no more than a day to explore the Christmas markets and the major historical sights. However, if possible I’d advise you to stay overnight and enjoy the city’s famous thermal springs.

Choose accommodation near the cathedral, where you’ll be within walking distance of the market and other attractions.

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aachener printen nobis

What to do in Aachen at Christmas

Enjoy some festive music at St. Nikolaus Church

If you’re visiting Aachen during the weekends, head to St. Nikolaus City Church for some festive music. The church is open daily until 7 PM. You can see the St. Nikolaus Church concert program here.

Relax in the Carolus Thermen Spa

Aachen is famous for its thermal springs, ones of the hottest in Central Europe. They owe their temperature (up to 74 degrees) to the Eifel volcanoes. Highly popular among the Celts and Romans in the past, the springs still attract millions of visitors.

In fact, Carolus Thermen Spa is the best place to be on a cold winter day!

Visit the Aachen Cathedral

The Aachen Cathedral is a stunning example of early medieval architecture. Constructed in the late 8th century by Emperor Charlemagne, it served as the coronation site for German kings from 936 to 1531. The highlight is the Palatine Chapel, which has an octagonal shape with a dome at the top, decorated with intricate mosaics and frescoes.

aachen cathedral

Aachen Christmas market food

Food is a big part of any Christmas Market and this market is no exception. You’ll find the traditional Reibekuchen (fried potato pancakes), Bratwurst (grilled sausage), roasted chestnuts, stewed mushrooms and of course Glühwein.

However, the star is the Aachener Printen – a local variation of gingerbread (Lebkuchen) made of flour, sugar beet syrup and spices. It is one of the best gingerbread cookies I’ve tried in Germany!

aachener printen

How to get to Aachen Christmas market

By train

Aachen is well connected by train to other major cities in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The Central Railway Station (Aachen Hauptbahnhof) is about a 15min walk from the city centre.

Check timetables and book tickets online at Deutsche Bahn official site.

By car

If you are travelling by car, there are several car parks right in the city centre, where you can park. Alternatively, you can use any of the five Park & Ride car parks outside the city centre and get a bus to the market. Find more info and a list of all car parks in Aachen here.

To get the best car rental rate, take a look at Rentalcars (they compare deals from all major companies, giving you the best price).

Best Christmas markets near Aachen


cologne christmas market

Just 1 hour away by train, you’ll find the Cologne Christmas market, one of the oldest and largest Christmas markets in Germany. In fact, there are 8 large Christmas markets, all located in the city centre of Cologne. So, I’d recommend you spend at least 2 full days in the city, so you can see them all. However, if you’re planning a day trip to Cologne, be sure to visit the following three markets – Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market, Heinzels Wintermärchen at Heumarkt and at Alter Markt.

Find everything you need to know to plan your visit in my Cologne Christmas market review.

Faqs about Aachen Christmas market

Is the Aachen Christmas market good?

The Aachen Christmas market is considered one of the best in Germany with its charming setting in the historic city centre. It’s definitely worth a visit during the holiday season!

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