Autumn 2016 – Happy end of the worst year of my life

Autumn 2016 - Happy end of the worst year of my life

Autumn 2016 - Happy end of the worst year of my life

The reason I decided to start the post series Behind the scenes is to show you more of my life as a travel blogger. These posts will be a review of my travels for each season.

This year was very hard for me to deal with. It led me to make some decisions that will change my life a lot, but more on that in the next post Behind the scenes. Yet the last three months were great with a lot of travelling. I’m really thankful for that. Continue reading to find out where I have travelled this autumn.

Where I have been

Milan, Italy – November
Vienna, Austria – December
Bratislava, Slovenia – December

With almost no trips in 2016, I quickly caught up during the autumn.

My favourite trip was to Milan. I fell in love with the city, its history and especially with the food. I found Milan to be more attractive and calmer than Rome.

I went to Vienna for the Christmas markets. It was a dream for a long time. I visited more than 10 Christmas markets. It was so freezingly cold, that I constantly had to walk with a mug of mulled wine to warm myself up. I loved the Christmas decorations in the city centre, but I have to admit that I liked the Christmas markets in Germany more.

I made a trip from Vienna to Bratislava. It is a one-hour ride on a train from Vienna. Bratislava is a lovely small city that looks a lot like Sofia, Bulgaria (the city I live now). I felt like I am at home.


My new travel companion

So this is Sven, a fluffy little sheep. He is my new travel companion. He loves to travel and he is small enough to fit in my bag next to the camera. Follow me on Instagram to check out his adventures during our travels.


New favourite restaurant in Sofia, Bulgaria

I found a new restaurant, that quickly became one of my Italian restaurants in Sofia. It is called Pastorant and the pasta is awfully delicious.


Park Kambanite

I visited park Kambanite (Камбаните) in Sofia, Bulgaria. The name of the park means The Bells. The place is off the beaten path, but it is interesting and easy to reach. Kambanite is a small park where you can see bells from many different countries.


Park Vrana

I love the nature in the autumn – the falling leaves, the beautiful warm colours. I love to visit parks and mountains in the autumn. So I went to park Vrana. It is a big park on the outskirts of Sofia. There is even a former royal palace there. Unfortunately, only the park is open for visitors.

The royal palace in park Vrana

WordCamp Sofia, Bulgaria

In October I went to WordCamp Sofia. It is a WordPress conference for bloggers and developers. I loved the event and I learned a lot of useful things.

Sven after his first WordCamp conference

Blog anniversary

In November was the third anniversary of My Vacation Itineraries and my fourth anniversary as a travel blogger. 4 years! I learned so much and met so many new people during these four years because of the blogging. I want to thank all my readers who have supported me and followed my travels.

Milan Cathedral

It was a dream came true to see the magnificent Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano). I was struck by its size and beauty.

Milan Cathedral

Crazy Cat Café in Milan

If you have been following me for a while, you probably already know that I am a huge cat lover. Unfortunately, there aren’t any cat cafés in Sofia, Bulgaria. If there were any, I would spend my days there. So when I am planning a trip, I am always searching for cat cafés. I was lucky that there was one in Milan. Of course, I visited it and played with the cats.

Crazy Cat Café

Common breakfast in Milan

So this is how I started every morning in Milan – with a lot of carbohydrates and amazing coffee. These Italians know how to start a day perfectly. I really really loved the breakfasts there. My favourite one was a croissant with pistachio.

Breakfast in Milan

De Pasajo Dal Marchigiano in Milan

I found a fantastic restaurant in Milan – De Pasajo Dal Marchigiano. The pasta was amazing and they have a little doggie that was sitting next to me during the whole dinner. It was so cute!

The cute doggie

Bruschetta with raw minced meat

To be honest I don’t like meat a lot. You can imagine how much I don’t like raw meat. So I was terrified when the waiter served me bruschetta with raw minced meat. I didn’t order this, it was a compliment. After a few moments of thoughts, I said to myself, “What the hell, let’s try it”. Oh boy, it was delicious!


Favourite Christmas markets in Vienna

My two favourite Christmas markets in Vienna were the ones in front of the Rathaus and Schönbrunn. I loved the illuminated buildings of the Rathaus and the palace.

Rathaus Vienna
Christmas Market in front of the Rathaus
Schönbrunn Christmas Market
Me drinking mulled wine on the Schönbrunn Christmas Market

Petting sheep in the Christmas markets

I loved the fact that in some of Christmas markets there were sheep, donkeys and goats that you can pet! They were so friendly and cute.

Christmas market on Karlsplatz
Christmas market on Karlsplatz

Central Cemetery in Vienna

Sometimes getting up very early and going out in the freezing cold will reward you with an awesome view like this one. I took this shot in the Central Cemetery in Vienna. Everythings was covered with frost on this freezingly beautiful morning.

Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof), Vienna

Café Neko in Vienna

Of course, I didn’t miss the cat café in Vienna. I went early and there was nobody there but me. I had the attention of all cats. It was pure heaven.

Café Neko
Me petting this cutie in Café Neko

Spare ribs

I found a new love – spare ribs. I know, it is a shame that I haven’t tried ribs at all until this moment. I was so in love that for the following three evenings I dined only with spare ribs.

Spare ribs

Favourite sweets from the Christmas markets

Visiting a Christmas market without trying all the yummy things there is no visiting at all. I love poppy seed, so when my eyes spotted these poppy seed pastries (Mohnzelten) I was in delight. Needless to say, I tried them almost in every Christmas market. Just to check if there was any difference between them.

Poppy seed pastry

The Bretzels were my second favourite thing. The sweet version comes in different variations – with apples, with marzipan, with walnuts, etc. And they are huge. I had difficulties eating one all by myself, even when I had it instead of lunch.

Me holding a Bretzel that will be gone after few minutes

Amazing sunset on my way back home

I caught one of the most beautiful sunsets on my flight back home.

Sunset on my way home

Where I stayed

I booked an Airbnb apartment for my trip to Milan. The apartment was amazing – clean and new. The host was great. It felt like home and I didn’t want to leave at all at the end of the trip.

The Airbnb apartment in Milan

I stayed in Airbnb apartment in Vienna, too. This time I left with mixed feelings. The apartment’s location in Vienna was superb, the hosts were great, but the apartment itself was a little bit outdated and there was dust on some of the furniture.

The Airbnb apartment in Vienna

Most popular photo on Instagram

This photo is taken on a rainy weekend in the Business Park in Sofia. I was going back from the WordCamp conference when I saw these beautiful leaves all over the green grass.

Books, games and music

What I read

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time for reading in the last months. The only book I finished was War Of The Ancients: The Well Of Eternity. As I love the World of Warcraft game, I decided to try the books. I wanted to learn more about the story in the game.

What games I played

I have been playing World of Warcraft for a year and a half already and it is still one of my favourite games. I am in love with this world filled with elves and fairytale creatures.

What I watched

The Young Pope
I am not sure that I like the series much, but Jude Law is such a great actor, that I keep watching it because of him.

Medici: Masters of Florence
I love history series. They inspire me to search for more information about the place and even to visit it.

American Horror Story: Roanoke
The best horror series ever. If you are into these things, don’t miss it.

I think that there is no need of explanation here. I don’t know a person who is not watching it.

As you can guess by its name, the series represents the story of the witches in Salem. It is an interesting drama if you like such things.

What I listened

During the past months, I didn’t listen to any certain band, but there were songs that stuck in my head and I was playing them over and over again. Here is the list:

Damien Rice – I Don’t Want To Change You
Tom Odell – Constellations
Austin Plaine – Never Come Back Again
Shirley Manson – Pretty Horses
Linkin Park – Castle of Glass
Dead Man’s Hat – After Midnight
Nu & JoKe – Who Loves The Sun

Favourite thought

Know your worth. Never settle for less than you deserve.

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Autumn 2016 - Happy end of the worst year of my life

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