Berlin travel guide

Berlin travel guide

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
City: Berlin (Berlin)
Languages: German
Currency: EUR

Interesting facts about Berlin

  • Berlin is the capital city of Germany and it is also the largest city.
  • Although Venice bears the nickname City of Bridges, Berlin has more bridges. There are over 900 bridges crossing the River Spree, while in Venice there are only about 400. One of the most beautiful bridges in the city of Berlin is Oberbaum Bridge (Oberbaumbrücke).
  • Berlin has so many lakes, parks and forests that they cover one third of the total area of the city.
  • The district of Kreuzberg is called Little Istanbul, because of the large Turkish community there. Berlin also has more doner kebab shops than Istanbul. So don’t miss to try some Turkish food while you are in the city.
  •  The Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm) with its 368m height is the tallest structure in Germany.
  • If you are a shopping maniac, you will feel like in heaven. Department store of the west (Kaufhaus des Westens), one of the biggest department stores in Continental Europe, is here.
  • The famous Berlin wall was about 140km long and it stood almost 30 years. Its main purpose was to stop the emigration of the East German citizens to the more liberal West Germany. The wall in fact was two concrete walls with a neutral space between them. The East Side Galery is the longest surviving piece from the Berlin wall.
  • The Hohenzollern family ruled Germany more than 500 years. This ended when Germany lost the WWI and became a republic.
  • Bear is the symbol of Berlin. You will see the image of a bear all over the city. There is even one on the coat of arms of the city.
  • Berlin is also known for its Currywurst. It is a sliced fried pork sausage, served with ketchup seasoned with curry. And it is unbelievably tasty!

Berlin travel guide

Airports in Berlin

There are two airports: Berlin Tegel Airport and Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

Berlin Tegel Airport is the main airport for international carriers. It is located in the north-west part of the city. You can find a map of the airport here. See how to get there using the public transport and where to catch it from.

Berlin Schönefeld Airport is a base for low-cost airlines. It is situated 18 km south-east of the city centre. You can reach it by bus and S-Bahn railway. You can find two helpful maps here and here.

Major train stations

The main train stations in Berlin are: Berlin Central Station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof), East Station (Ostbahnhof), Südkreuz, Gesundbrunnen and Spandau.

Best time to visit Berlin

International Berlin Beer Festival is a 3 days festival in the beginning of August. As you can guess by its name it includes a lot of beer. To be more precise you will find more than 2400 different kinds of beer.

Long Night of Museums (Lange Nacht der Museen) takes place in the last week of August. From 06:00 PM to 02:00 AM more than 70 museums open their doors to visitors.

During October Berlin Festival of Lights and Berlin leuchtet take place and the city becomes a scene of illumination and light art.

Berlin is known as the capital city of the German Christmas markets. More than 60 markets stocked with mulled wine, delicious sausages and beautiful tree ornaments are waiting for you.

For more events follow this link.

Where to stay

During my trip I stayed in Monbijou hotel. Check out my review here.

Day trips from Berlin

The city of Potsdam and Sanssouci Palace can be easily reached in less than hour by S-Bahn.

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