6 Reasons to start a travel blog

6 reasons to start a travel blog

You love travelling and finding new cool places? You love to write or taking pictures? You want to share all this with the whole world? You still don’t have a travel blog. Why?

Keeping a travel blog is fun and easy. You don’t need to be a professional blogger to have a blog. Before I started blogging I didn’t know what is WordPress. I didn’t even know what exactly a blog is! But don’t be afraid, starting a blog is pretty easy thing.

Why I started a travel blog

Before any trip I always do a deep research. I find nice hotels, great places to dine and interesting things to see. I make a detailed itinerary for each trip. After the trip all this information stays forgotten on my laptop.

One day I got bored at work. I was still searching for a hobby that combines my two passions – writing and travelling. I was browsing some travel articles, when an idea came to my mind. I could make a web site and upload all this travel information there! In this way I will help people to organize their trips.

Soon I started my first travel blog. And 4 years later I am still in love with blogging. At first I was keeping the blog in my free time. For a few months now I am a full-time travel blogger.

I even started another blog about homemade beauty recipes and DIY things, called Natural Homemade Stuff.

6 reasons to start a travel blog

You want to tell stories (and show your most precious moments)

You love to write and take pictures. You want to tell a story and not to be limited by the social media. You want to format your text and even to add some color. You don’t have any limitations on a blog.

The best part is that you don’t have to repeat the story over and over again to different friends or social platforms. Write the story, add few photos to inspire the reader and hit the Publish button. That’s it! Your story is online available to all your friends.

tell stories

A blog will inspire you to travel more

A blog will inspire you to take more trips. It is not only because you will need something to write for. Once you start travelling more, you will become an addict. Nothing will please your soul like the joy of buying an airplane ticket.

travel more

A travel blog will inspire you to explore your own city

Sometimes you are in a bad mood or maybe just the weather is rainy. Planning a new trip out of the city seems like a mission impossible. You just want to stay in bed all day. But, hey, you have a travel blog to keep! Your readers love you and want more stories. So get up and explore! If you can’t spend time or money for a distant trip, go and explore your own city. My blog constantly inspires me to visit new places or restaurants.

explore your own city

A blog will inspire you to try new things

To be honest for years I was thinking that I don’t like ribs. I didn’t even want to try them. During my last trip to Vienna I decided to give them a try, because I needed a photo for an article. I always use my own photos on the blog, even if I have to try or eat things that I am not keen on. So I ordered the ribs. Oh, boy! They were heavenly! And I am not even a meat fan. Therefore thanks to my blog I found a new love – spare ribs.

try new things

You will make new friends

Starting a travel blog will open doors to a whole community of travelers. People will come, read and leave comments on your blog. No matter how introverted you are, you will make at least few awesome new friendships.

make new friends

Positive vibes of doing something that you love

You need some positive energy in your live. Doing something you love will get you some good vibes. Moreover you will help or inspire people with the articles on your blog. There are many destinations that lack some basic information, especially for small cities or countries.

How to start a travel blog in 4 easy steps

In this part things get a little bit technical, but it is easy! I promise.

1.The first step is to make up a name of your blog

The name of your blog is called domain. It is the string “mytrips” between “www” and “.com” in www.mytrips.com.

Try to come up with a short, catchy and memorable name. Your name should be able to grow with your blog, so don’t be too specific. Don’t name it “My trip to Italy”, because next year maybe you will want to write about France for example.

Don’t use digits or hyphens. It will be more difficult to remember for your visitors.

I chose My Vacation Itineraries for a name of my blog, because I wanted to focus on itineraries. I chose the word vacation, because most of the itineraries are meant to be used from people on their vacations, not from full-time travellers. The word “my” comes from the fact that the name “Vacation Itineraries” simply wasn’t available.

When you are ready with your awesome blog name, enter it in the box below to see if it is available. If it is, you will be redirected to the signup page of Bluehost. If it is not – you will be redirected to a page that says “the domain is not available for registration” and you have to pick another name.

2.The second step is to get web hosting

What is a web hosting you will ask. Don’t worry! I didn’t know what is that before starting my blog, too. Imagine that the name of the blog is your address, so hosting is the apartment you actually live in. Buying a hosting means that you rent a little space from the web where your blog will be stored.

My favourites hostings are Bluehost and SiteGround. This site is hosted on Bluehost. I can honestly recommend them with two hands. Both Bluehost and SiteGround offer high quality hosting with zero downtime and have live chat support team.

No matter which one you choose the hosting will cost you only $3.95 a month. And you you will get a free domain. Usually you have to pay additionally for this.

Let’s get started!

Head over to the Bluehost homepage and click the green button – “get started now”.

Bluehost homepage

Choose the “Basic plan”. You can always upgrade later if you get more serious about blogging.

select your plan

Enter the domain name you chose in step 1.

domain name

Create your account and fill all the details.

new account

You can choose between hosting for 12 ($5.45 a month) or 36 months ($3.95 a month). As a beginner I would recommend you to start with the 12 months hosting.

36 month price


12 month price

3.Next step is to install WordPress

Many web sites are powered by WordPress. It is a blogging platform. If we go back to the example with the address and the apartment, WordPress will be architect that you hired to design your apartment.

Both Bluehost and SiteGround offer easy one-click WordPress installation.

On the cPanel on the Bluehost home screen, you’ll see a “WordPress” button. Hit it and follow the installation steps here.


After the installation is over, go to http://yourblogname.com/wp-admin (replace yourblogname with the name you chose in step 1) and log in.


4.Last step: Go and decorate your blog!

WordPress comes with a default theme. Theme? Ok, let’s explain it like this, if your blog is an apartment, a theme is its decoration. Almost every other article will suggest you to go and buy a theme. Don’t do that. You are just starting with all this. You need time to figure out what exactly you want for your blog.

There are thousands of free themes in the theme directory. Take a look and pick one, just choose one that have many downloads and it is updated recently. The installation is one click away. You can always change it later.

theme directory

And that’s all! You are ready to publish your first post.

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How to start s travel blog

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