Why Visit the Ghent and Bruges Christmas Markets

Bruges in December

This guide will walk you through the best Ghent and Bruges Christmas markets in Belgium. It also includes where to stay, what to see, market opening times, locations and how to get there. Why visit Bruges Christmas market Why visit Ghent Winter festival Ghent or Bruges for a winter break Christmas time in Belgium is […]

The Best Brussels Christmas Markets to Visit in Winter

brussels in winter

This guide covers the best Brussels Christmas markets to visit in 2019. Also, it includes a map, opening times and locations of the markets, plus where to stay for the best experience. In addition, you’ll find out where to see the sound and light show, the parade and where to go ice skating. Opening times […]

11 Must Eat Foods in Brussels (And Where to Try Them)

Brussels food guide

Brussels food guide – a complete guide to what to eat in Brussels and where to find the best fries, beer, chocolate and waffles. Food and drink prices 11 must eat foods in Brussels The best places to eat Belgium is known for its beer, waffles and chocolate. And to be honest I was really […]