The best bars and pubs in Borovets for après ski

The best bars and pubs in Borovets for après ski

Although Vitosha mountain is a few steps away from Sofia, I visit Borovets every year. It is close to Sofia and it is a great place for a daily escape from the busy city especially if you love snowboarding. Here is the also the starting point for climbing Musala peak in Rila mountain.

Every time I go there I have difficulties finding new decent places to dine. The problem is not that there are few pubs only, but the problem is the quality. There are a lot of places to eat and drink après ski in Borovets. Unfortunately the good ones are not so many.

Check out my list of the best bars and pubs in Borovets for après ski to find out the places that serve good quality food.

Almost all places have a fireplace and they are opened from early morning till late in the evening. As there are no street names in Borovets use the map below to find out the exact location of each restaurant.


Bulgare is a traditional Bulgarian restaurant situated opposite Rila hotel. It is perfect for large groups as the restaurant is huge.

Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant

Although located centrally the food is good. The chicken with mushrooms was served with homemade French fries, which is a rare thing. The house wine was also decent.

Chicken with mushrooms and French fries
Chicken with mushrooms and French fries

They are great in traditional Bulgarian meals, but I don’t recommend their pasta. It has nothing to do with the real Italian pasta.

In fact don’t order pasta in any restaurant in Bulgaria unless it is an Italian restaurant. The restaurants that serves real Italian pasta even in the capital, Sofia, are only a few.


Hunters is a family run restaurant with delicious homemade food. It is one my favourite places to eat in Borovets.

We ordered chicken fillet with bacon and yellow cheese. The meat was cooked by the owner himself in the open fire in front of us. The French fries were homemade and very delicious.

Chicken fillet with bacon, yellow cheese and French fries
Chicken fillet with bacon, yellow cheese and French fries

When our food was ready the owner sat for a while with us for a company. He told us some stories from his youth. It was a nice friendly welcoming.


Salamander is a little family run restaurant close to the slopes. You will be greeted by their super cute pet Chihuahua.

Shopska salad
Shopska salad

Their mulled wine and the French fries were great. Yes, I love French fries and it is pretty obvious from what you have read till now. I prefer the homemade ones with a lot of Bulgarian white cheese and black pepper. If you have a chance try this combination. It is so delicious!

The Black Cat restaurant

The Black Cat restaurant is a traditional Bulgarian restaurant with live music. It is located behind Ice Angels hotel, close to the slopes.

Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant

It is one of my favourite places to eat in Borovets. Unfortunately there aren’t any cats in the restaurant as its name suggests, but the food is amazing.

Chicken with vegetables
Chicken with vegetables
Pork with onions and mushrooms
Pork with onions and mushrooms
Turkish bread
Turkish bread

Other good places in Borovets for après ski that you should try

The restaurant is located in hotel Alpin. It offers a selection of Bulgarian meals and British food.

Bistro Resmy
Bistro Resmy is a little family run place with traditional Bulgarian dishes.

Bobby’s Bar
Bobby’s Bar is a family run restaurant. The menu is a mixture between Bulgarian national dishes and British ones.

Snack Bar Joy
Snack Bar Joy is a great place for pizzas next to the gondola lift.

Sunny’s Bar
Sunny’s Bar is a small pub located next to hotel Ela. The menu includes burgers, ribs and steaks.

Titanic bar
Titanic bar is an English style pub, situated next to hotel Alpin.

White Magic
White Magic is a family run pub in English style. It is located opposite hotel Samokov.
Opening hours: Every day: 08:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Map of the best bars and pubs in Borovets for après ski

Have you been to any of the best bars and pubs in Borovets for après ski? Which is your favourite place to eat in Borovets?

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