Vienna Classical Concerts (Best Concerts 2021)

best concerts in vienna

A full guide to the best Vienna classical concerts, including Mozart and Wien Philharmonic Orchestra concerts (+ when and where to buy your tickets to get a free cancelation).

best concerts in vienna

Vienna (Wien) is known as the capital of classical music and there is a good reason why. The city is world-famous for its Philharmonic and Symphonic Orchestras. You can enjoy numerous performances in palaces, opera houses or even churches.

A visit to Wien is not complete without attending a classical music concert. And you better buy your tickets online in advance, especially if you want them for a certain date.

If this is your first time to the city, check out the must-see attractions in this itinerary for a perfect weekend in Vienna.

The Vienna concerts are pretty popular and tickets sell out months in advance. Find a complete list of the most popular shows here and book online.

I prefer to book tickets from GetYourGuide website, as there are reviews for each concert (plus they have a last-minute cancellation). However, for smaller local events, Classictic website is the best option.

Most popular classical concert in Vienna

Looking for the most popular Mozart and Strauss concert? Then check out the Mozart concert at the Golden Hall – it takes place in one of the city’s finest concert halls, Musikverein.

Wiener Musikverein is the home of the Wien Philharmonic Orchestra. Its Golden Hall is considered one of the best concert halls in the world. The performance of the Wien Mozart Orchestra here is one of the most popular concerts in Vienna. This magical experience takes you back through time to the 18th century.

Mozart concert at the Golden Hall – Most popular event

The Wien Mozart Orchestra was founded in 1986 by some of the best musicians of the Viennese orchestras. This orchestra performs mostly works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, dressed up in historical costumes and wigs. So, you can enjoy some of the Mozart best symphonies, arias and operas.
Why book – enjoy the magical works by Mozart and Strauss performed by Vienna Mozart Orchestra in period costumes

Vienna classical music tours

Best Vienna classical concerts

It’s hard to choose from the numerous classical concerts as most of them are unique and worth visiting. However, there are several that are outstanding and not to be missed even if you’re only for a weekend in Vienna.

Best classical music concerts in Vienna (2021)

  • Mozart concert at the Golden Hall
  • Mozart and Strauss concert at Kursalon
  • Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at Karlskirche
  • Schönbrunn Palace evening concert
  • Hofburg Orchestra Concert
  • Mozart & Strauss Concert at the State Opera
  • Classic Ensemble Vienna at St. Peter’s Church
  • Classical Concert in St. Anne’s Church
  • Vienna Residence Orchestra at Palais Auersperg

The best place to stay in Vienna for a concert is the Grand Hotel Wien. The location is perfect, just a short walk to State Opera House, Musikverein and St. Charles Church.

Continue reading to find out the best concerts in Vienna.

Mozart and Strauss concert at Kursalon

Kursalon is one of the most famous concert halls in the city. This is the place where the waltz became popular in the 19th century. Johann Strauss and his orchestra used to perform here regularly.

Attending a Mozart and Strauss concert at Kursalon is a unique experience. Enjoy the excellent performance by the opera singers and ballet dancers of the Orchestra of Old Vienna.
Why book – hear the most famous waltzes, polkas and arias performed by the brilliant Salonorchester Alt Wien

Vienna music concerts at St. Charles Church

St. Charles Church (Karlskirche) is the most beautiful Baroque church in this imperial city. Its lavishing interior is the perfect background for a classical music performance.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at Karlskirche

Embark on a wonderful journey into the musical past while listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. This fantastic concert is performed by Orchestra 1756, a classical period-instrument ensemble.

Mozart’s Requiem at Karlskirche

Listen to the Requiem Mass in D minor, one of the most impressive works of art of Mozart.

St. Charles Church

Schönbrunn Palace evening concert

The Orangery at Schönbrunn Palace is a unique setting for classical concerts. It’s one of the two largest Baroque orangeries in the world (the other one is in Versailles). Mozart himself played here in a competition between him and the Imperial Kapellmeister Antonio Salieri.
Why book – listen to the works of Mozart and Strauss performed by the renowned Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra

Wien Hofburg Orchestra concerts

Vienna Hofburg Orchestra is a chamber orchestra with a long tradition. It was founded by conductor Gert Hofbauer in 1971. Since then the orchestra performs regular concerts from May to October. There is no better place to immerse yourself in the world of imperial Wien.
Why book – enjoy the splendid sounds of Mozart and Strauss musical compositions.


Mozart Orchestra concerts at Wien State Opera House

Besides Musikverein, the Wien Mozart Orchestra also performs at the State Opera House. The opulent interior of the opera house is the ideal setting for the classics of Mozart and Strauss.
Why book – enjoy the works of Mozart and Strauss performed by the talented musicians of Mozart Orchestra.

In April, May, June and September selected opera performances are broadcast live on a video screen outside the opera house.

Classic Ensemble Vienna at St. Peter’s Church

This 18th-century Baroque church is a fitting venue for every classical music concert. Let the musicians of Classic Ensemble Wien take you on a musical trip through time. Enjoy the lavish interior of the church while listening to the interpretations of Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven.
Why book – enjoy interpretations of timeless classics performed by Classic Ensemble Wien.

Vienna music concerts at St. Anne’s Church

For some beautiful chamber music played in a warm, intimate atmosphere head to St. Anne’s Church. Thanks to its exceptional acoustics, this small Baroque church is a great place for concerts.
Why book – hear favourite classical pieces from Mozart, Bach and Beethoven performed by a talented string ensemble.

St. Anne’s Church

Vienna Residence Orchestra at Palais Auersperg

Palais Auersperg is the place where Mozart used to perform some of his notable works. Today, this is the home of the Vienna Residence Orchestra, one of the finest chamber orchestras.
Why book – experience a classical performance with renowned opera singers and ballet dancers.

For more events and local concerts check out Classictic website. I always manage to find some interesting events there.

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn

Seasonal Vienna classical concerts

The regular classical performances in Vienna are quite impressive. Yet, nothing can’t beat the seasonal concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn

The Wien Philharmonic concert at Schönbrunn Palace is held every year since 2004. And it’s an outstanding and unforgettable experience. The performance takes place in the gardens of the palace (Summer Night Concert program). The best part – the admission is free! There is no dress code and no reservation is required. Show up about 3 hours before the show if you want to find a place near the stage.

According to the official website, the performance cannot be heard on the meadow behind the stage (in front of the Gloriette). However, during my visit, this area was full of people. So probably it can be heard, but maybe the quality of the sound is not that good. Yet, I would suggest you go early and find a place in front of the stage.

If the weather is bad, the show can be postponed for 1-2 days. So if this is the reason for your trip, make sure you have a few days ahead before your flight back home. This year the concert will be on Friday, 18 June 2021 (unfortunately no public is allowed this year because of the Covid-19 governmental regulations).

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn

Christmas and New Year’s Eve concerts

If you are in Vienna at Christmas time, don’t miss to attend any of the special classical concerts. What better way to celebrate Christmas than an evening full of beautiful waltzes and atmospheric operettas!

In addition, there are 12 Christmas markets! Find out why to visit each of them and what to do in Vienna at Christmas time.

Strauss & Mozart Christmas Concert at Kursalon

Experience a festive evening in a classic Viennese style and hear incredible waltzes by Johann Strauss and Mozart. The concert is available only on 24 and 25 December.

Christmas & New Year’s Concert in St. Peter’s Church

Enjoy an enchanting performance in the vaults of St. Peter’s Church. The concert is available from 21 December to 3 January.

Vienna classical music tours

For every true lover of classical music, Mozarthaus and the Haus der Musik are a must-see.

Mozarthaus is a museum that presents the life and work of the famous compositor. Mozart himself lived here from 1784 to 1787.

Haus der Musik is an interactive sound museum, where you can make your own music!

You can visit both museums with a combi ticket and save money.

Must buy tickets in advance

Schönbrunn Palace – it’s one of the most popular attractions with long queues. Buy your tickets in advance from the official website or use Vienna Pass to skip the line.

Find out how to save more than €90 for 2 days and why Vienna Pass is worth it.

Spanish Riding School – one of the most popular activities in Vienna, so book tickets in advance here.

Giant Ferris Wheel – if you don’t have a Wien Pass, book tickets in ahead to avoid waiting in line.

More popular tours

What are the best concerts in Vienna for you?
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