The 4 Best Rated Thick Round Beach Towels

best round beach towel

The best round beach towels – a full guide to the top oversized and thick circle beach towels.

best round beach towel

Summer is the ideal time to soak in some rays while relaxing on the beach. Whether you plan going on a tropical vacation or hitting the picturesque beaches in Europe, the beach towel is a key element. And it has to be large, comfy, thick, quick drying and sand resistant. Last but not least, a towel has to be light enough so you can easily pack it in your carry-on suitcase or beach bag.

However, it’s really hard to find the perfect round towel. The main problem is that most of them are made of very thin material. It’s more like a beach sheet, not a real towel. They aren’t good at absorbing the water after you come out from the sea. Also, they aren’t comfy for laying out.

So if you’re looking for a nice thick towel, check out this list with the best rated large round beach towels.

The 4 best large round beach towels

Ocean Blues – well-priced luxury choice

This is one of the best large round beach towels on the market. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your time on the beach. The trendy circle design gives you a plenty of room to spread out. Also, it’s super easy to adjust to the sun during the day.

  • made from 100% thick velour cotton with a tasselled edge
  • water absorbent and high-quality cloth
  • dry off quickly
  • 59 inch/150cm diameter
  • crisp print that won’t fade after few washes

Indian Mandala – most liked

This round mandala beach towel is slightly thicker than an average towel. It’s made from microfiber that absorbs several times more water than cotton. This oversized towel can fit up to 2 people. You can easily share it with your significant other or pet and still feel comfortable. The mandala beach blanket is also great for yoga and meditation or picnics.

  • made from thick fast-drying microfiber
  • durable, soft, super absorbent (it can absorb up to 7 times its weight)
  • 59 inch/150cm diameter
  • available in several bright colours and patterns
  • machine washable

Elegant print – most stylish

It’s the most stylish beach roundie. It has the feel of a medium thickness beach towel. The premium cotton from which it is made is soft in touch, but at the same time durable. You can use it also as a campside blanket or bohemian throw.

  • made from 100% soft cotton that dries up fast
  • elegant black and white design (plus several other colourful patterns to choose from)
  • 59 inch/150cm diameter
  • fade-resistant colours

Lotus Mandala – best rated

This is the best rated oversized round beach towel. It’s light but at the same time absorbent. The towel is not bulky, so it’s ideal for a compact packing. You can take it everywhere – to the beach, parks, pools or use it as a blanket or tapestry.

  • made from soft terry fabric
  • easy to clean (you can use a washing machine and dryer)
  • 59 inch/150cm diameter
  • numerous colourful patterns available

How to choose a circle beach towel

What does it make a circle beach blanket a good one? It all depends on the qualities you’re looking for. Do you need the beach towel to be soft and thick with a good water absorbency or to be light and quick drying? Do you need something lightweight and not bulky, as you regularly travel only with a carry-on bag?

To me, the ideal beach towel should be light, fast drying, soft and sand resistant. And of course, it has to be reasonably priced and to last a few summers.

Why choose a round beach towel

The large circle beach towel became super popular in the last years. And it’s no wonder why. It gives you more space than the classic rectangular towel. Moreover, it’s great for a picnic or to share with your partner.

What is the best material for a circle beach towel

The most popular materials for roundies are cotton and microfiber. Both of them are machine washable and you can use a dryer, so the cleaning part is easy. However, the microfiber is more widespread, as it’s thinner, lighter and fast drying.

Both cotton and microfiber have their pros and cons, so there isn’t a better option. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a beach towel.


The microfiber is a synthetic material that is super absorbent. Although it’s soft, the feeling is quite different compared to a regular towel (it’s not so fluffy). Yet, it’s one of the best fast drying materials, three times faster than cotton.

The microfiber roundies are super lightweight, compact and easy to travel with. Thus, if you plan to take your beach towel all around the world, choose a microfiber one. Just keep in mind to choose a thick microfiber, as it’s more comfortable for laying out.


Cotton is a natural material. It’s fluffy, soft and thicker than microfiber. It feels great and has more luxurious touch compared to other materials. However, it dries slower and takes a lot of space in the luggage.

If you won’t bring your roundie on any international trips and just need a towel for weekends on the beach, choose a cotton one.

What is your favourite round beach blanket?

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