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I start every trip planning for an unfamiliar city with an old fashioned travel guide. In this way I get a quick glimpse of the city and find out what I would like to see. Then I continue the research through my favourite travel blogs for some hidden treasures. Unfortunately the both methods of research are inconvenient to be used during the trip itself.

First, most of the travel guides are not comfortable to be carried with you all day. No matter how small they are, they take place in your bag. Not to mention at all that you can get an easy target to thieves when you pull out a travel guide that screams “I am a tourist”.

Second, your access to internet in most of the cases is limited during the trip. In best case, you will have an internet connection only in your hotel or in a coffee shop. You can’t access the helpful posts you have already found online. And you are stuck. Here is where the travel apps come in help.

Who are GPSMyCity and why I use them?

GPSMyCity is a travel app that is available both for IOS and Android. GPSmyCity website features self-guided city walks in 750+ cities worldwide. You can easily turn your cellphone in a personal tour guide just by downloading the app. The best part is that the app can be used offline.

You can browse through over 6000 city walks and download every article you like on your phone. In this way you can read it later offline during the trip. Every article is completely free of charge for downloading.

What is a GPS-guided travel article?

For a small fee (about $2.00) you can turn an article into a GPS-guided travel article. This means that all the sites from the article will be linked to an offline city map and a GPS navigation system. In this way you can easily find every site from the article.

This is very useful especially if you have troubles finding your way like me. I don’t want to remember the half an hour search of a metro stop in Paris or a church in Rome.

How can you test the GPS-guided travel article for free

I am happy to inform you that few of my posts are turned into GPS-guided travel article.

2 Days in Sofia

Where to Find the Best Meatballs and Burgers in Sofia

The Best Italian Restaurants in Sofia You Should Try

Delicious Indian Experience in Sofia

Where to See the Famous Sozopol Vampire

The Best Places to Eat in Sozopol

FREE giveaway

For a limited period of time (17-23 April 2017) one of them is free for an upgrade – 2 Days in Sofia.

You can access the GPS-guided travel articles in the following way:

  • download the GPSmyCity master app on your phone;
  • click on the article link above and choose upgrade to get the GPS-guided version;

The easiest and the cheapest way to get a personal tour guide!

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