Best Travel Toiletry Bottles (100% Leak-Proof)

The best travel bottles for toiletries

A complete guide to the best travel toiletry bottles and containers (refillable and 100% leak-proof guaranteed).

The best travel bottles for toiletries

Probably the toughest part in every luggage preparation is the toiletries. They occupy so much of your precious suitcase space. Moreover, most regular-size bottles are not leak-proof. So, the chances to end up with a shower gel spilt all over your clothes are pretty big.

The worst thing is that if you travel only with a carry-on bag, your toiletries fall under the TSA’s definition of liquids and gels. This means that you can’t take on board any toiletry with a size bigger than 100ml. This includes almost all of your cosmetics – toothpaste, face cream, hair gel, mascara, lip gloss and many more.

Hotels provide shower gel and shampoo but in most cases, they forget the important hair conditioner or body lotion. And even when they are at hand, the quality is not so good.

If you want to buy travel-size toiletries from the brands you use at home, you’ll face another problem. First, the chances of your favourite products don’t come at all in travel size are big. Yet, if you’re lucky to find such ones, they’ll be pretty expensive.

In this case, the only option is the travel cosmetic containers. They are not only leak-proof but also save a huge amount of space. The best part is that they are compatible with the TSA rules and regulations. Thus, you can travel only with a carry-on bag. Plus, these travel bottles are big enough to fit shower gel and shampoo that last for one week trip!

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Best travel bottles for toiletries

The travel bottles for toiletries come in several varieties. The most popular are the silicone ones. What you’ll choose depends on your needs. Silicone ones are suitable for shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. The plastic ones are great for makeup or face cream.

Best travel toiletry bottles (most popular)

  • LiquiSnugs – 100% leak proof
  • Nalgene Kit – best rated
  • Chica and Jo – most popular
  • AusKit – perfect for a long trip
  • Pitotubes Cosmetics Bag Kit – most stylish

LiquiSnugs – 100% leak proof

4.6/5 – See 1,230+ reviews on  |

LiquiSnugs are the best leak-proof travel bottles. They even offer a full refund if you have any problems with their product. The 2 available sizes are a perfect combination for limited packing space. LiquiSnugs is great for shampoo, hair conditioner and shower gel.

  • 2 different sizes – 2oz and 3oz
  • made of food-grade, BPA free silicone
  • soft and easy to squeeze
  • adjustable labels
  • 100% leak-proof guaranteed
  • TSA approved

Nalgene Kit – Best rated

4.7/5 – See 720+ reviews on  |

These are one of the top travel containers for toiletries. Featuring several sizes, they are a pretty good choice to pack any kind of liquids plus oils. The Nalgene kit is perfect for checked baggage as few of the containers are 4oz and don’t comply with TSA rules. However, they can fit enough liquids for a week-long trip.

  • several different sizes for maximum convenience
  • made of BPA free durable plastic
  • dishwashable
  • sturdy and leak proof

Chica and Jo – Most popular

4.6/5 – See 1,360+ reviews on  |

Chica and Jo are great for storing thicker liquids such as shampoo, shower gel and hair conditioner. They are flexible, squeeze easily and the lids close tightly. It’s a perfect choice for travelling with a carry-on bag.

  • six 2oz clear squeezable containers
  • made of BPA-free and FDA approved polypropylene
  • easy to clean and fill
  • no leakage
  • TSA approved

AusKit – Perfect for a long trip

4.5/5 – See 660+ reviews on  |

AusKit are the largest carry-on containers you can bring through the security checkpoints. If your trip is longer than a week, AusKit is the best option. The bottles are 3.3oz, easy to squeeze and you can hang them directly on the shower. This travel bottle set comes in a zippered clear bag that allows you to pack all of your toiletries safely.

  • four different coloured 3.3oz containers
  • made of durable, high-quality BPA free silicone
  • easy to refill and clean
  • leak-proof design
  • rotatable labels
  • TSA approved

Pitotubes Cosmetics Bag Kit – Most stylish

4.2/5 – See 30+ reviews on

Pitotubes is the best glass travel bottle set. They come in 3 different sizes, so you can easily store your most precious cosmetics. They are great for thin liquids such as face toner or makeup cleaner. You can even store carrier oils in them, while this is not possible in silicone containers, because of their porousness. Pitotubes comes in a one-quart clear bag, so you can just throw them in your carry-on. No need to look for another TSA approved bag.

  • 3 different sizes – 1.7oz, 1oz and 0.5oz
  • work on an airless pump system
  • made of high-quality shatterproof glass
  • includes interchangeable spray head and waterproof labels
  • TSA approved

TSA Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag

4.7/5 – See 2,140+ reviews on  |

This silicone bag is the best way to pack your TSA approved bottles. With it, you’ll be able to carry conveniently your favourite toiletries through the security checkpoints. It’s great for frequent fliers.

  • made of high-quality material with a sturdy zipper
  • a large opening makes it easy to clean and fill
  • airport compliant (both for domestic and international flights)
  • waterproof

What is the 3-1-1 rule

This is a security rule for flying with carry-on liquids, created by the Transport Security Administration (TSA). The rule states that you can fly carrying only 3.4oz containers or less in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag per passenger.

This means that you have to put all your toiletries in one clear bag and these toiletries can’t be bigger than 3.4oz (100ml). You can’t bring a 250ml bottle even if it’s half full.

What are the TSA approved bottles

The TSA approved bottles and containers are 3.4oz (100ml) or less. If you bring a bigger one in your carry-on suitcase, it will be confiscated during the security check.

There aren’t any restrictions on the material or the colour of the TSA approved containers. You can bring whatever you want if it’s 3.4oz (100ml) or smaller.

TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

Why use refillable travel bottles

There are three main reasons to use refillable bottles even with checked baggage.

The first reason is to save some suitcase space. Just imagine how much space four 8oz (250ml) bottles will occupy in comparison to 3.4oz (100ml). Isn’t it better to fill the space with some new clothes or souvenirs? Moreover, you’ll never need a full-size bottle of shower gel or conditioner even for a week trip.

The second is that you can use your favourite products, even if they don’t come in a travel size. This is a huge plus for me as I have sensitive skin. In the past, I used to buy whatever travel size products I found. This only led to dry, irritated skin and not so good looking hair. Now, I use reusable containers that I refill before every trip.

The third reason is to save money. Travel size products are much more expensive than regular ones. If you travel often, this can become a big part of your monthly expenses. While the refillable bottles are a one-time investment and you’ll use them for years.

Will a travel size bottle last for the entire trip

This is the biggest concern when it comes to using travel size containers. If your trip is about a week, you’ll be fine. However, for longer trips, consider taking bigger bottles or buy directly the needed toiletries at your destination.

What travel containers for toiletries do you use?
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