Where to Stay in Borovets

best hotels in Borovets, Bulgaria

Where to stay in Borovets ski resort – a guide to the best hotels in Borovets, Bulgaria. The best hotels in Borovets ski resort How to get to the ski resort from Sofia Borovets (Боровец) is a popular ski resort in Rila Mountains, Bulgaria. It is located at an altitude of 1350m on the northern […]

Popular Hiking Routes in Vitosha National Park

How to get to Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha National Park – a complete guide for the most popular hiking routes (including how to get there by Vitosha mountain lifts and public transport). How to get to Vitosha Mountain Climbing Cherni Vrah Climbing Kamen Del Hiking the Golden Bridges TV Tower (Kopitoto) Skiing and snowboarding Situated next to Sofia, Vitosha mountain with its […]

How to climb Musala Peak in Rila Mountain

Climbing Musala Peak in Rila Mountain

Standing at 2,925m, Musala is the highest peak not only in Bulgaria, but also in the South-Eastern Europe. Musala peak is located in Rila mountain, within the Rila National Park. The name of the peak comes from the Arabic word “Musallah”, which means a place for prayer. It was named this when Bulgaria was a […]