Third Reich Sites in Munich (Guide + Map 2021)

A complete guide to the most famous Third Reich sites in Munich (+ the beer hall where the Nazi Party was founded and the exact location of Hitler’s apartment). Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Nowadays, the city is best known for its popular beer festival, Oktoberfest. […]

Best WWII Sites in Berlin (Guide + Map 2021)

A complete guide to the best WWII sites in Berlin (+ the exact location of Hitler’s Bunker, the first concentration camp and the place where the Holocaust was planned). Today, Berlin is a dynamic and multicultural city, rich in events, culture and tasty food. However, if it was possible to go back in time, around […]

One Day Trip to Potsdam From Berlin (2021 Guide)

A complete itinerary for one day trip to Potsdam from Berlin (including a map with all key sights, where to eat and how to get there). One day in Potsdam Best time to visit How to get to Potsdam Berlin may be the capital of Germany, but Potsdam is where the Prussian Kings resided. The […]

Best Places to Stay in Nuremberg (Areas + Hotels)

A full guide to where to stay in Nuremberg, Germany (+ the best area and hotels in the Old Town for sightseeing and Christmas markets). Nuremberg is the second-largest city in the Bavarian region after Munich. Located on the Pegnitz River, it’s one of the most picturesque cities in Germany. The Old Town attracts visitors […]

1 Day in Nuremberg (Walking Itinerary + Map)

one day in Nuremberg itinerary

One day in Nuremberg walking itinerary that covers all the must-see attractions (including a map, how to get there and where to eat the best Nuremberg sausages). Nuremberg 1 day itinerary How to save money How many days in Nuremberg Best time to visit Getting around Located on the Pegnitz River, Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is the […]