Is Verona Card Worth It (My Honest Review)

Is Verona Card worth it? A detailed review about how to save €20 using the card and from where to buy it (to get a free cancellation).

Verona is famous for being the setting for the popular Shakespeare tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Visiting Juliet’s House is at the top of the list for most tourists. Yet, this beautiful Italian city has many more historic attractions to see.

Verona card is the perfect way to fully explore the city. It includes all the must-see attractions, plus free travel on public transport.

The city pass is a great way to save money even if you’re planning to do Verona on a day trip. Continue reading to find out if the pass is worth it for you and how to get the most out of it.

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How to save €20 with Verona City Card

I don’t usually use welcome passes. And the reason is simple. Every pass sounds great on paper but in most cases, it’s not worth the money. You end up paying more money than you’d pay separately for each attraction. That’s why you won’t see many reviews of tourist cards on my blog.

However, the case with the Verona Card is different. I discovered the pass while I was planning my trip to Verona and Venice. And I was pleasantly surprised by how useful it was. I didn’t even use the free travel option and I saved a lot.

Is Verona Card worth it?

Verona Card is the best way to see the city and save money. The card includes free entry to all major attractions and free unlimited travel on public transport. You can save up to €20 for 1 day using the pass.

Book your City Card with GetYourGuide (one of the official sellers of the pass). In this way, you can cancel for free up to 1 hour before the activity.

So, let’s start with how much you can save if you buy the 24-hour city pass (€20). Here is an example of what attractions you can see in 1 day (or even on a day trip) without being in a hurry.

  • Arena di Verona – €10
  • Castelvecchio Museum – €6
  • Lamberti Tower – €8
  • Juliet’s House – €6
  • Juliet’s tomb – €4.5
  • Basilica di Santa Anastasia – €3
  • Cathedral Complex – €3

Total without the card – €40.5
If you use the card – €20

Total savings – €20.5

And I didn’t even include the free use of public transport (one ticket costs €1.3). As you can see you can save €20 only for a day. I visited all the attractions above in one day, including a few more (with a free entrance).

For more details on how to see the city in just one day, take a look at my Verona itinerary (including the best places to eat).

If you’re staying 2 days, buy the 48-Hour Verona Card – €25. In this case, I’d recommend you to visit the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore, too (covered by the pass).

Castelvecchio Museum

Verona Card price 2024

The following options are available:

  • 24h card – €20
  • 48h card – €25

As you can see the difference in the price is small. Thus I’d recommend you buying the 48-hour version even if you use it only 1-2 times on the second day. It will still be a great deal.

There are no family options. This is because there is no entrance fee for children under 8 years at most of the attractions. For the older ones (until 14) a reduced rate applies – €1 fee (for example at Juliet’s House and the Arena).

Where to buy Verona Welcome Card

You can buy the pass online in advance (the best option) or at the first tourist attraction.

If you decide to go with the latter, keep in mind that the Lamberti Tower ticket office doesn’t sell the pass. Also, don’t buy it from the Arena, as the card itself includes a skip-the-line entry for this attraction. Plus, there are usually big queues for the Arena.

You can also purchase it from the tourist information centre (Address: Via Degli Alpini, 9, 37121 Verona). The card is available at some hotels and tobacco shops, too.

I bought it online from GetYourGuide, together with several skip-the-line tickets for Venice.

I always buy online in advance all the tickets I can. In this way, I don’t have to bring much cash with me. Plus, I don’t have to worry if my credit card will be accepted (when paying by credit card).

You can always cancel later if your plans change. And with GetYourGuide you can cancel for free up to 1 hour before the activity starts. 

No matter when you buy the tourist card, its validity will start when you use it for the first time. This includes the first attraction you visit or the first validation on a bus.

From this moment, it will be valid for 24h/48h depending on the type you purchase. For example, if you use it for the first time at 10:00 AM on Tuesday, it will be valid until 10:00 AM on Wednesday (for the 24h option).

Juliet's House

Verona City Pass benefits

Verona Card is a great deal for all tourists visiting the city. It offers:

  • free entry to all major tourist sites
  • skip the line entry at the Arena
  • reduced entry to several museums
  • free unlimited travel on the ATV city bus lines

Free entry to all major tourist sites

This is the primary and most useful benefit. You can visit free of charge more than 10 major landmarks. And the best part is that you can skip the line at the Arena.

Please note that you can visit the attractions only once. Also, if you want to use the lift for the Lamberti Tower, you have to pay additionally €1. It’s free with the card if you use the stairs.

All free attractions included in the pass:

  • Roman Arena
  • Castelvecchio Museum
  • Lamberti Tower
  • Juliet’s House
  • Juliet’s Tomb
  • Cathedral Complex
  • Basilica di Santa Anastasia
  • Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore
  • Chiesa di San Fermo
  • Natural History Museum
  • Maffeiano Lapidary Museum
  • Roman Theater
  • Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti
  • Scaligeri’s Tombs (currently closed for restoration)

Reduced entry to several museums

The card also includes a reduced entry (almost 50%) to the following museums:

  • Museum of the Foundation Miniscalchi-Erizzo
  • African Museum
  • Giusti Palace and Garden

Free travel on the ATV city bus lines

You can travel free on all ATV city bus lines within the city. This doesn’t include the Aerobus service to the airport.

You have to validate the pass every time you take the bus. To do this just tap it on the card reader that you’ll find on all ATV city buses.

verona card 24h

Is Verona Card worth it after all

Yes, totally, even if you’re visiting Verona on a day trip. If you plan to visit more than 2 attractions, buy the tourist card in any case. You’ll start saving at the third attraction you visit. Plus, you’ll skip the lines at the Arena.

Is the Verona card worth it for you?
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