The Best Way to See Rome in 4 Days

4 Days in Rome itinerary

4 Days in Rome itinerary – a detailed travel guide to what to do in Rome in 4 days, the best tours and day trips. How many days in Rome The best days of the week to visit Rome How to save money – €21 4 Days in Rome suggested itinerary 1st Day – Roman […]

Where and What to Eat in Milan

milan food guide

Milan food guide – a full guide to what to eat in Milan and where to find the best pasta, pizza and gelato. Is Milan expensive for food and drink What to eat in Milan The best places to eat in Milan If I have to be honest, the main reason for each of my […]

Things To Do in Milan in One Day

one day in milan itinerary

One day in Milan – the perfect itinerary to see the best of the city in 24 hours. Is Milan worth visiting How many days in Milan is enough Milan itinerary 1 day More things to do in Milan in one day Before visiting Milan, I associated the city only with business and shopping. I […]

What to do in Pisa for a day

Places to visit in Pisa in 1 day itinerary

How to spend one day in Pisa – a full guide to the most famous attractions. How much time do you need to see Pisa – no more than a day. Pisa 1 day itinerary – a detailed guide to what to do in Pisa for a day. What else to see – take a day tour […]