What to do in Pisa for a day

Places to visit in Pisa in 1 day itinerary

How to spend one day in Pisa – a full guide to the most famous attractions. How much time do you need to see Pisa – no more than a day. Pisa 1 day itinerary – a detailed guide to what to do in Pisa for a day. What else to see – take a day tour […]

The Perfect Places to Stay in Pisa, Italy

What is the best area to stay in Pisa

Where to stay in Pisa – a quick guide to finding the most suitable area in Pisa for you. Where I stayed – I chose to stay close to the Central train station because my flight was arriving late at night and I wanted to reach my accommodation by foot. Hotels near Leaning Tower of Pisa – If you […]

7 Picturesque Places to Visit Near Pisa, Italy

best day trips from pisa

The best day trips from Pisa, Italy – a full guide for the most interesting places to see near Pisa.  What day trips I took – I visited Lucca, a picturesque town near Pisa. The most popular day tours from Pisa – don’t miss to see San Gimignano, Siena and Cinque Terre. One day trips from Pisa […]