Koblenz Hotels Old Town (My Top Selection 2023)

A complete guide to the best area to stay in Koblenz, Germany (+ hand-picked hotels in Koblenz Old Town and near the train station).

Koblenz is an ancient city in Rhineland, Western Germany. Situated at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers, the city has a very strategic position.

Visiting Koblenz for the first time? Then check out my complete guide to what to do in Koblenz in one day. It covers all the key sights and the best places to eat.

Because of its location, the city is the perfect base to explore the terraced vineyards and castles along the Rhine and Moselle. This is especially true if you’re travelling by car or train. There are 8 popular castles to discover in less than 1 hour away! For more details take a look at my guide to the best castles along the Rhine and Moselle.

Where I stayed

I used Koblenz as a base to explore the castles on the Rhine by train. So, I needed accommodation close to the train station, but at the same time not far from the Old Town.

My favourite place to stay in Koblenz is Hotel Brenner. Perfectly positioned for sightseeing, day trips and river cruises. Rooms are spacious and beautifully appointed.

If you’re visiting Koblenz for exploring the nearby castles, stay in the area between Old Town and the Central train station. You’ll be at walking distance to everywhere, including tourist sights and restaurants.

Most popular hotel in Koblenz

In a hurry? Looking for the best hotel in the Old Town of Koblenz?

Then check out Sander Hotel – it’s the most popular hotel in the Altstadt (Old Town).

Sander Hotel – Most popular

A new and very modern hotel, situated in the heart of the Old Town. Excellent location for sightseeing, river cruises and restaurants. Fantastic breakfast with good variety.
Why book – in the middle of the Old Town, very central location, comfortable rooms with air-conditioning, underground parking

Koblenz Old Town

Old Town – best area to stay in Koblenz

The best area to stay in Koblenz is the Old Town (Altstadt). This is the best location for sightseeing, shopping and river cruises. You’ll find all the key sights here, including Deutsches Eck and Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. You can walk pretty much everywhere you need to go.

Yet, if you plan to explore the nearby castles, stay in the southern part of the Koblenz Old Town. The Central Railway station is just a stone’s throw away from there. Plus, you’d be still at a walking distance to the tourist attractions and restaurants.

Why stay in Koblenz Old Town

  • Altstadt is the best area for sightseeing and shopping
  • plenty of restaurants and cafés in the area
  • the Central train station is just a 15min walk from the Old Town (perfect for day trips)

Koblenz Hotels Old Town (Best for couples)

Hotel Haus Morjan – Most popular

Very convenient location, right on the bank of the Rhine River, next to a pier for cruises. Just a few minutes walk to the Old Town and the cable car leading to the fortress. Plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby!
Why book – 300m from Deutsches Eck, spacious rooms with river views, parking on-site

Trierer Hof – Best rated

Set in a heritage building, this charming hotel has the perfect location for sightseeing. Walking distance to Deutsches Eck and many historical sites. Plus, there is a huge shopping plaza just around the corner.
Why book – in the middle of the Old Town, outstanding complimentary breakfast, beautiful spacious rooms

Koblenz Hotels Old Town (Best for families)

City-Hotel Kurfürst Balduin – Most popular

Excellent location, on the edge of Altstadt, only a few minutes walk from Moselle River and the historical centre. Easy access when arriving by car. Good breakfast and numerous restaurants in immediate proximity.
Why book – 100m from Moselle River, good sized rooms with air conditioning, underground parking

Altstadt Hotel – Best rated

Very central location, great for walking around and sightseeing. The spacious rooms are allergy-free and quiet. Besides, the hotel features a lovely cafe on the ground floor!
Why book – in the middle of the Old Town, allergy-free rooms with comfortable beds, parking nearby

Apartments in the Old Town

Ferienwohnung Altstadt – Most popular

Ferienwohnung Altstadt offers charming fully equipped apartments. The modern furniture and lovely outdoor seating area contribute to your comfort. The location couldn’t be better – it’s only one block away from the Moselle River. If you look for an apartment in the heart of Koblenz Old Town, this is the best choice.
Why book – next to Moselle River, quiet location, free underground parking, fully equipped kitchen

Boardinghaus Altstadt – Best rated

Boardinghaus Altstadt offers modern accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen. The location is ideal for shopping, restaurants and sightseeing. Plus, if you’re visiting the city in December, the Christmas markets are a stone’s throw away.
Why book – 200m from Moselle River, fully equipped kitchen, spacious and quiet

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

Best hotel near the train station

The Koblenz Central train station is located about a 15min walk from the Old Town. I’d recommend you stay here only if you’re planning a lot of day trips by train. Otherwise, you’d better choose accommodation in the Old Town. You’d be closer to restaurants, historic sights and both rivers.

GHOTEL hotel & living – Most popular

GHOTEL is located straight across the Central Railway station and a bus station. This makes it an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside. The Old Town is less than 1km away, so you’ll be still close to the main attractions.
Why book – opposite the train station, underground parking, modern rooms with free Sky TV

What is your favourite hotel in Koblenz Old Town?
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  1. I booked GHOTEL in the last minute and it was a gem! Close to the railway station and a lot of restaurants nearby. Perfect to explore Koblenz and the region.

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