The best pasta in Rome you can find

La Fraschetta di Castel Sant'Angelo

La Fraschetta di Castel Sant’Angelo is a superb little restaurant near the Castle of the Holy Angel (Castel Sant’Angelo). I visited the restaurant the last evening of my trip to Rome. It was such a nice end of my trip to the eternal city.

I regret a little that I haven’t found this restaurant earlier. It was not only one of the best restaurants near Castel Sant’Angelo, but in all Rome. I haven’t tried more delicious food during the entire trip.

The atmosphere was cosy, the staff was friendly and they were smiling all the time. The owner sat with us on the table like an old friend, asked what we love to eat and helped us to choose from the menu.

He also recommended us an excellent and not expensive wine. Since it was my last night in Rome I decided to go with pasta all’amatriciana. This is one of my favourite meals. I also ordered some bruschetta as an antipasto.

My friend and I were thinking to get one and the same dessert. The owner insisted on ordering different and trying the cheesecake. I’m so glad we agreed. The tiramisu was great, but I just fell in love with the cheesecake. I am really considering going back to Rome just to have dinner again in this amazing restaurant.

Useful information
Opening hours:
From Monday to Saturday: 11:30 AM – 11:30 PM
Sunday: Closed
Web site:
Address: Via del Banco di Santo Spirito 20, Roma

What I tried in La Fraschetta di Castel Sant’Angelo restaurant

Bruschetta is a grilled bread with different tasty toppings: tomatoes, vegetables or olive pasta.


I haven’t tried pasta all’amatriciana before visiting Rome. This is pasta with bacon, pecorino and tomato sauce. Don’t miss it, it is something truly delicious. My advice is to try it here in La Fraschetta di Castel Sant’Angelo restaurant, because they serve the best pasta in Rome.

Pasta all’amatriciana
Pasta all’amatriciana

Of course there is always a room for dessert. Try their tiramisu. The tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian desserts. It is prepared with ladyfingers dipped in coffee with mascarpone cream between the layers.


I am a big fan of cheesecake. If I have a chance to try one I don’t miss it. The one on the photo below was something to die for.


Have you been to La Fraschetta di Castel Sant’Angelo restaurant? Did you like the food?

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