The Best Size Suitcase for 1 Week Trip

What is the best size suitcase for 1 week trip

What is the best size suitcase for 1 week trip – a guide for choosing the best luggage for travelling in Europe and the United States. What luggage do you need for a week trip – choose a carry-on bag for summer trips and a small checked baggage for the winter. The suitcase I use […]

How to Travel with Essential Oils – All You Need to Know

best essential oils for travel

The best essential oils for travel – a full guide to what essential oils to take on vacation and how to pack them. Essential oils travel kit – the 4 must have essential oils for your trip. Don’t travel without lavender, tea tree, peppermint and sweet orange essential oils. How to travel with essential oils […]

The 4 Best Rated Thick Round Beach Towels

best round beach towel

The best round beach towels – a full guide to the top oversized and thick circle beach towels. The 4 best round beach blankets – four excellent choices for a great vacation on the beach. How to choose the perfect towel – why use a round towel and what is the best material. Summer is […]

How to choose a good hotel

How to choose a good hotel? This is one of the hardest things in planning a trip. There are hundreds of options. A bad choice can ruin your vacation. What are the things that matter most when you have to choose the right hotel for you? When to book? Which booking sites to use? Find […]