Sozopol travel guide

Sozopol travel guide

Country: Bulgaria (България)
City: Sozopol (Созопол)
Languages: Bulgarian
Currency: BGN

Interesting facts about Sozopol

  • Sozopol (Созопол) is 35km south of Burgas on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is one of the most beautiful ancient seaside towns in Bulgaria. The town with its narrow cobbled streets, old wooden houses and a romantic atmosphere will take you back to ancient times.
  • The first settlement here dates back to the Bronze Age.
  • The current town is founded by Greek colonists in the 7th BC century.
  • The original name of the town was Antheia. Soon it was renamed to Apollonia in honour of god Apollo. A colossal statue (14 meters high) of Apollo was rising next to a temple of the god. By the 1st century AD the town got its current name – Sozopolis.
  • The largest Bulgarian island in the Black Sea, St. Ivan Island, is next to Sozopol.
  • The town is known for the Sozopol vampire.

How to get to Sozopol

From Burgas

The closest airport to Sozopol is in Burgas. From the airport you have to go to Burgas bus station Yug (Автогара-юг). The bus station is just next to the railway station, so if you are coming with a train from Sofia it is easy to find it. There are regular buses from Burgas to Sozopol every half an hour. The price is about 5 BGN (~2,60 EUR, ~3 USD) and the trip is about 40 minutes. See the schedule here.

From Sofia

By plane
You can take a plane from Sofia to Burgas. There are regular flights of Bulgaria Air. The flight is about 50 minutes.

By train
You can take a train to Burgas from Sofia Central railway station. The trip is more than 10 hours. See the schedule here.

By bus
There are regular buses from Sofia Central bus station directly to Sozopol. The price is about 35 BGN (~18 EUR, ~20 USD) and the trip is about 6 hours.

Sozopol travel guide

Best time to visit Sozopol

The season starts from the end of June and ends in the beginning of September. In the end of August and beginning of September the famous Apollonia art festival is held. It includes musical and dance performances, exhibitions, theatre shows and other events.

Where to stay

When I visit Sozopol I always stay in hotel Fjord. See my review here.

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The best places to eat in Sozopol

Beaches in and around Sozopol

There are two beaches in Sozopol: Central beach, located next to the Fortress Wall in the Old Town, and Harmani beach in the New Town of Sozopol. There are also few camping sites around Sozopol:

There is a bus which runs from Zlatna Ribka (Santa Marina village) to Kavatsi and stops on the main bus stop in the center of the New Town of Sozopol (see the map below). For the schedule click here.

Day trips from Sozopol

You can visit Pomorie (Поморие) or Nesebar (Несебър) using the fast ferry Kometa 2 (Комета 2). You can see the schedule and the prices here.

Another idea for a day trip is the Castle Of Ravadinovo, located 2 km from Sozopol. It is not an old castle. It is built only few years ago, but the place is really beautiful.

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