Why You Should Visit Strasbourg Christmas Markets

strasbourg christmas markets

Strasbourg Christmas markets – the ultimate guide to best markets for 2019 (including opening times, location and must-try foods).

strasbourg christmas markets

The Christmas season in Europe is my favourite time of the year. The festive decorations, the Christmas spirit, the sparkling lights, the snow – all this brings a little magic in our daily life.

The Christmas markets in Berlin were the first ones that I visited. When it comes to Christmas spirit, Germany wins hands down.

However, there is one place in France, that could compare with the German festive atmosphere. According to some, it even wins the first place. This region is called Alsace and it’s the most picturesque part of France.

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration

The Christmas markets are not a traditional French thing. However, you can find plenty of them in Alsace, as this region was a part of Germany in the past.

The first market in Strasbourg took place in 1570 at Place Broglie. Initially, it was open for three days prior to Christmas Eve. Its main purpose was to sell provisions for the upcoming holidays such as spiced bread, candles, herbs, etc.

Although today Alsace is a French territory, the markets are still held every year as a part of a long-standing Christmas tradition.

Where is the Christmas market in Strasbourg

Where is the Christmas market in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is not huge, so you could imagine that one or two markets are enough for that size of a city. Apparently the French think otherwise. There are 11 markets (called Christkindelsmärik) spread out across the small centre of Strasbourg. The shortest distance between any two of them is 50m and the longest one – 800m.

The main Christkindelsmärik are at:

  • Place de la Cathédrale
  • Place Kléber
  • Place Gutenberg
  • Place Broglie
  • Place du Château

strasbourg at christmas time

There are six smaller ones at:

  • Place du Marché aux Poisson
  • Place du Temple Neuf
  • Place Saint Thomas
  • Place des Meuniers
  • Place Benjamin-Zix
  • Place Grimmeissen

When does Strasbourg Christmas market start

They start from 23 November and end on 24 December (open daily from 11:00 AM to 08:00 PM). During the weekends, they run until 09:00/10:00 PM. Please note that dates for 2019 are yet to be announced.

After Christmas, only the stalls in Place de la Cathédrale and place du Marché-aux-Poissons are opened (more info about the dates).

Christmas street decoration

Where to stay in Strasbourg for Christmas markets

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See more hotels near Strasbourg Christmas market.

Strasbourg Christmas markets 2019

Christmas street

Each Christkindelsmärik has its own speciality. However at most of them, you’ll find ornaments, all kinds of gifts, mulled wine and of course plenty of tasty local food and sweets.

Place de la Cathédrale

Place de la Cathédrale

Located all around the cathedral, this market is a must-see, especially in the evening. Don’t miss to check out the big Nativity scene inside the cathedral.

Nativity scene

Place Kléber

Strasbourg Christmas Tree

This is the place where the big Christmas Tree (Grand Sapin) is. The minimum height of the tree is 30m and it’s provided by France’s National Forestry Office. They start the search for the perfect Christmas tree early in March every year. To get a really glamours shape, more branches from other trees are added.

And finally, the tree is decorated with 7km of twinkling lights, baubles, angels and stars. In the end, it’s all worth it. It was one of the most sumptuous Christmas trees I’ve ever seen!

In the past, people used to put presents for the poor under the tree. Today, there are more than 60 charity stalls, selling souvenirs and food for a good cause. This market is called the Village of Sharing.

Place Kléber

Place Gutenberg

Place Gutenberg

Each year Strasbourg dedicates this Christkindelsmärik to a different country. During my visit the guest country was Iceland.

Place Broglie

Place Broglie at night

This is the biggest Christkindelsmärik in Strasbourg. It is held in the place of the traditional Christkindelsmärik from the 16th century. Over 100 stalls offer festive decorations, pottery, glass jewellery, handmade toys and many more.

This market sells the best food and the variety is huge. If you look for a place to eat, go there. Also, I liked the mulled wine here most.

Place Broglie

Place du Château

Place du Château

This small market right next to the palace is the most charming of all. The stalls are surrounded by half-timbered houses, decorated with bears and festive garlands.

I just loved this house with cute polar bears.

polar bears decorations

Place du Marché aux Poisson

Place du Marché aux Poisson

If you’re looking for some treats, visit the Christkindelsmärik at Place du Marché aux Poisson. The stalls are stocked with local wine, beer and tasty food from the region. Don’t miss to try Nut’Alsace, mouth-watering hazelnut cocoa spread (much better than Nutella).

Place du Temple Neuf

Place du Temple Neuf

It’s a lovely small market for handicraft items in front of a 19th-century church.

Place Saint Thomas

Place Saint Thomas

This small market for festive decorations and food is right next to Saint Thomas Church.

Place des Meuniers

Place des Meuniers

The Christkindelsmärik features products from small producers from Alsace.

Place Benjamin-Zix

Place Benjamin-Zix

Tucked away between half-timbered houses, it sells all kinds of decorations.

Place Grimmeissen

It’s an alternative market that features vintage furniture, original handicrafts and organic food.

Strasbourg Christmas market food

At most of the markets, you’ll find the usual stuff such as red and white mulled wine (vin chaud in French), gingerbread and sausages. Besides that, there are a few typical Alsatian dishes that are not to be missed.

Bretzel is the French version of the German pretzel. It’s made from brioche dough and comes in different sweet and savoury versions.

Beignet is a pastry made of deep-fried sweetened dough.

Chouquette is a Choux pastry sprinkled with sugar.


Flammekueche is a wood-fired pizza topped with crème fraiche, bacon and onion.

Choucroute is a typical Alsatian dish. It’s a grated cabbage pickled in wine, accompanied by sausages and slow-cooked pork.


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What is the best Christmas market in Strasbourg for you?
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  1. My husband and I are planning an overnight stay in Strasbourg (Dec 28-29). We will probably get there around noon and leave around noon the following day. Will that be worthwhile doing?

    1. Yes, it will be worthwhile. Strasbourg is very charming, the Christmas decoration will be still there. Plus, the Christmas market at Place de la Cathédrale should be still open. Unfortunately, the other markets will be closed.

  2. We were in Strasbourg last week and visited almost all Christmas markets. Thanks! We stayed at hotel BOMA – a perfect location and the breakfast has a lot of vegetarian options!

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