Vienna travel guide

Vienna travel guide

Country: Austria (Österreich)
City: Vienna (Wien)
Languages: German
Currency: EUR

Interesting facts about Vienna

  • Vienna is the capital of Austria and it is the largest city in the country.
  • The city is situated on the banks of Danube River.
  • The first settlement on this place was founded in around 500 B.C. by the Celts.
  • Vienna is known as a City of Music due to the many famous musicians and composers who lived here (like Strauss, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart and Brahms).
  • Vienna is the home of the oldest zoo in the world, Tiergarten Schönbrunn founded in 1752.
  • The first snow globe is invented in Vienna in 1900 by Erwin Perzy.
  • Every year about 200 balls takes place in the city.
  • Vienna is known with its Sacher Torte and the Wiener Schnitzel. The Sacher Torte was made by the 16-year-old trainee, Franz Sacher, when Prince Metternich ordered a new dessert and the chef happened to be ill.
  • One of the largest emeralds in the world is displayed in the Imperial Treasury (Kaiserliche Schatzkammer) in Vienna.
  • The famous imperial summer residence of the Habsburgs, Schönbrunn Palace, has over 1400 rooms.
  • The second largest cemetery in Europe is located in Vienna and more than 2.5 million people are buried here in the Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof).

Vienna travel guide

Vienna airport (Flughafen Wien)

Vienna International Airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat) is located about 20 km outside the city of Vienna. You can reach it by bus, S-Bahn (suburban train) or CAT (city airport train). Map of the airport you can find here.

Major train stations

The main train stations in Vienna are: Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof), Wien-Meidling Station, Westbahnhof (Vienna West Station) and Wien-Mitte Station.

Best time to visit Vienna

Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert in Schönbrunn takes place in May and it’s completely free (more info here). Don’t miss the Austrian Oktoberfest if you are visiting the city in September or October. If you don’t mind the cold weather visit the city in December to see its enchanting Christmas markets.

Where to stay

Find out which are the best places to stay in Vienna.

Day trips from Vienna

Burg Kreuzenstein (Kreuzenstein Castle) is a great idea for a day trip out of the city.

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