Edinburgh Food Guide – Must Try Foods and Places

What to eat in Edinburgh

What to eat in Edinburgh – an ultimate Edinburgh food guide to must-try things and the best places to eat haggis and Scotch pie.

What to eat in Edinburgh

To be honest I wasn’t thrilled to try the Scottish food in the first place. Overall I prefer lighter meals or spicy food (like Indian or Mexican). The only thing that I’ve heard was that UK food was bland and lacking spices. Yet, I was quite surprised to find some awesome meals, especially for breakfasts and some sweets.

There are plenty of delicious Scottish foods to try. Continue reading to find out what to eat in Edinburgh and some good places to dine during your trip.

What to eat in Edinburgh

12 Must-try food in Edinburgh


If you have to try only one thing, it should be the haggis. However, it is better to try it first before finding out what it is made of. Haggis is a traditional Scottish food made of minced sheep’s liver, heart and lungs mixed with onion and spices.

It is usually served with mashed potatoes and turnips. And it is tasty! Just give it a try, after all, it is the iconic meal of Scotland.

Sample the best Scottish foods in a food walking tour

Where to eat the best haggis in Edinburgh?

Try the Haggis at Mums Great Comfort Food. It’s a great place to try traditional Scottish cuisine in Edinburgh. They even offer a vegetarian version of the Haggis!

Mums Great Comfort Food
Address: 4A Forrest Rd


Neeps And Tatties

This meal may sound strange but in fact, it is very simple. Neeps are mashed turnips and tatties are mashed potatoes. Neeps and tatties usually go along with haggis.

Black pudding

The black pudding is something similar to haggis. It is a sausage made of minced meat and blood.

Fish and chips

Fish and chips is another iconic meal in Scotland. If you are into deep-fried foods, don’t miss it. In any other case, it can be too heavy for your taste (it was for mine).

Fish and chips

Scotch pie

The Scotch pie is a small delicious meat pie. And it is incredibly tasty! I didn’t expect to like it and I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it.

Where to find the best pies in Edinburgh?

Taste the Scotch pie at the Piemaker.

Address: 38 South Bridge

Scotch pie

Full Scottish breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Scotts knows that for sure! The full Scottish breakfast consists of haggis, black pudding, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and a toast. It may look heavy, but it is the perfect start to a day of exploring the city.

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Smoked salmon

I don’t like to eat fish very much. Thus you can imagine how unacceptable it was for me to eat smoked salmon at breakfast. Yet, I changed my mind when I tried a sourdough sandwich with avocado and smoked salmon in Scotland. It was to die for. The Scottish smoked salmon is the best I’ve tried in my whole life.

Smoked salmon


I have never tried oatmeal before my trip to Scotland. Now it is my favourite meal for breakfast. To be precise porridge is not the same as oatmeal. Porridge can be made from a variety of grains, not only oats. Yet, the most common type of porridge you will see on the menus is the oatmeal one.



It is the most common dessert in Scotland. The Cranachan consists of whipped cream mixed with oats and raspberries.

I tasted the Cranachan at Mums Great Comfort Food.


Scottish tablet

The Scottish tablet is made of sugar, condensed milk and butter. All this cooked together until crystallised.


The shortbread has nothing in common with the regular bread. The shortbread is a biscuit made of butter, sugar and flour. Try the ones with nuts, dried fruits or chocolate chips.

Scottish tablet and shortbread

Deep fried Mars bar

Apparently, there isn’t anything that can’t be fried in Scotland. You can find deep-fried Mars bars in almost every place selling fish and chips.

Edinburgh food guide – places to eat

Need more ideas on where and what to eat in Edinburgh? Then check out the suggestions below.

Find here a map of all the restaurants mentioned in the article

A general tipping rule in Scotland is leaving 10% of the bill.

Where to find the best breakfast in Edinburgh

The Milkman

If you’re looking for really good coffee, then go to the Milkman. Don’t miss to try the croissants, too.

The Milkman
Address: 7 Cockburn St

Coffee and croissant at the Milkman

Hula Juice Bar & Gallery

Hula Juice Bar & Gallery offers mouth-watering healthy food. Taste the Maca Nana Bowl or the avocado toast with smoked salmon.

Hula Juice Bar & Gallery
Address: 103-105 W Bow

Hula Juice Bar & Gallery

Manna House Bakery & Patisserie

It’s a small bakery, outside the tourist area. Yet, their cakes and brunch totally worth the trip!

Manna House Bakery
Address: 22-24 Easter Rd

Cakes at Manna House Bakery

Baba Budan

I went there for some coffee but ended trying a few of their doughnuts. Located close to the Waverley railway station, Baba Budan is a great choice for an early bite before a day trip from Edinburgh.

Baba Budan
Address: 19 E Market St

Doughnuts at Baba Budan

What is the best Mexican restaurant in Edinburgh

If you love Mexican food, there is one place to go – El Cartel. I liked the restaurant so much, that I visited it twice! Don’t forget to order some frozen margaritas, too.

El Cartel
Address: 64 Thistle St

Tacos at El Cartel

What is the best Indian restaurant in Edinburgh

If you’re a big fan of Indian food you’d absolutely love Dishoom. It’s an amazing restaurant with great views over St. Andrew Square.

Address: 3a St Andrew Square

Indian food at Dishoom

Other must-try foods in Edinburgh

Mary’s Milk Bar

For high-quality gelato, visit Mary’s Milk Bar. Their ice-cream is freshly made and the flavours change daily!

Mary’s Milk Bar
Address: 19 Grassmarket

Gelato at Mary's Milk Bar

Ben’s Cookies

These were the best cookies I’ve tried in my life! If I return to Edinburgh soon, these cookies would be one of the reasons.

Ben’s Cookies
Address: 114 Princes St

Ben's Cookies


Looking for the best sandwiches in the city? Oink is the answer. Their sandwiches are to die for. You can add some stuffing and sauce of your choice or even haggis! It is a great place for lunch.

Address: 34 Victoria St

pork sandwich at Oink

Scottish beer

Taste the local Scottish beer. You can find it in any supermarket.

Take a Brewing Heritage Walking Tour to sample Scotland’s best beers

Scottish beer

Cadbury and Galaxy

For you, chocolate lovers, don’t miss to taste the local chocolates. Cadbury and Galaxy are the best choices.

Cadbury and Galaxy chocolates

Where to stay in Edinburgh

Radisson Blu Hotel – Best for families
Located right on the Royal Mile, the hotel is a great base to explore both the New and the Old Town.
9.0/10 Rating – See hotel images and 4,420+ guest reviews

Apex City Hotel – Best for couples
This lovely hotel has one of the best locations in the city, right next to the castle.
8.9/10 Rating – See hotel images and 3,340+ guest reviews

Apartment – Old Town Chambers
Luxury serviced apartments offering a home-from-home experience.
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Don’t know where to book a hotel? Check out the best area to stay in Edinburgh.

What is your favourite Edinburgh food?
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