Where to Stay in Colmar (Best Places + Hotels with Parking)

A complete guide to where to stay in Colmar (+ the best places to stay in the Old Town, for Christmas markets and the best hotels with parking).

Situated along the famous Alsace Wine Route, Colmar is one of the most picturesque towns in France. Its charming old town is famous for its narrow cobblestone streets and colourful half-timbered houses with flower pots. As part of the Alsace wine region, Colmar is surrounded by vineyards that produce some of France’s finest white wines.

Colmar is the perfect base to explore the Alsace region. Within less than half an hour by car, you can easily reach lovely villages like Eguisheim, Riquewihr, and Ribeauvillé. Also, there are many wineries around where you can taste fantastic white wines such as Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris.

This guide will help you choose where to stay in Colmar, whether you’re looking for accommodations near the Christmas market, hotels with parking or luxurious options.

Where I stayed in Colmar

On my first trip to Colmar, I stayed right in the Old Town (Vieux Colmar), next to the famous Little Venice. I chose this location for easy access to the train station, the town’s main attractions and Christmas Markets. Being close to Colmar Train Station was essential as I was travelling by train. Also, I was planning to explore the nearby Christmas markets using the Christmas shuttle bus that departs from the train station.

My favourite place to stay in Colmar: Hotel Le Maréchal
Why: excellent location, directly on the canals in Little Venice, gourmet restaurant on-site
What I like: charming rooms in Alsatian style with canal views, fantastic breakfast

If you’re travelling by train, I highly recommend staying in the Old Town. You’ll be within walking distance of all popular attractions, such as St. Martin’s Church and Pfister House, and many traditional restaurants and wine bars. Additionally, the train station is conveniently just a 15-minute walk away, ideal for day trips.

Most popular hotel in Colmar

Looking for a great hotel, situated right in the Old Town? Then check out Hotel Le Colombier – it is the most popular hotel in Colmar.

Hotel Le Colombier – Most popular

Guest rating: 8.4 | 3,210+ reviews

Hotel Le Colombier is the ideal base to explore Colmar and the Alsace region. It is located in the beautiful Little Venice district, just steps away from the Old Town and numerous restaurants and wine bars. The breakfast is organic, featuring local products such as bread, pastries and specialities, including Les Confitures du Climont.

Why book – 5min walk to the Old Town, organic breakfast, private parking on-site

vieux colmar
Vieux Colmar – the best area to stay in the town

Tips for booking a hotel in Colmar

Book early – if you’re visiting during the Christmas season or in the summer (especially during the Alsace Wine Fair or Colmar International Festival), book your accommodation as soon as you know your travel dates. There are only several 4 and 5-star hotels located in the town centre, so they tend to get booked up fast.

Visiting Colmar for the first time? Take a look at my complete itinerary for one day in Colmar, which includes all must-see places and the best wine bars.

Where to stay in Colmar (for first time)

  • Vieux Colmar – for sightseeing (Hotel Le Colombier – best hotel in the Old Town)
  • Quartier des Tanneurs – for the Christmas market (Hotel Saint-Martin – best hotel)
  • Outside the Old Town – if you’re travelling by car (Novotel Suites – best hotel with parking)
  • Colmar Train Station – for easy access to trains (Colmar Hotel – best hotel near the train station)

Vieux Colmar – best area to stay in Colmar for sightseeing

The best place to stay in Colmar for sightseeing or if you’re visiting for the first time is Vieux Colmar (the Old Town). It’s the most picturesque part of the town, home to famous attractions like St. Martin’s Church, Pfister House, Unterlinden Museum and Little Venice.

Vieux Colmar is the historic town centre, known for its well-preserved medieval and Renaissance architecture. The narrow, winding streets are lined with centuries-old buildings, creating a fairytale atmosphere. One of the most distinctive features of the Old Town is its colourful half-timbered houses. These traditional Alsatian buildings are painted in bright colours and decorated with flowers, which makes the area even more magical.

You’ll also find plenty of dining options, from traditional Alsatian restaurants to cosy cafés and wine bars. L’atelier de Yann and Mokka Café are great brunch places, while Le Cercle Des Aromes is perfect for tasting local wines.

Experience the charm of Colmar and uncover its hidden gems on this Highlights Walking Tour and Wine Tasting. You’ll also have the chance to taste some of the best Alsatian white wines.

I love staying in Vieux Colmar, as it’s the most enchanting part of the city and truly makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale!

Why stay in Vieux Colmar for sightseeing

  • Vieux Colmar is the best place to stay for sightseeing because all the attractions and popular restaurants will be right at your doorstep
  • walking distance to some of the town’s most famous attractions, including St. Martin’s Church, Pfister House, Unterlinden Museum and Little Venice
  • Colmar Train Station is within 15min walk

Best hotels in Vieux Colmar

Hotel Le Maréchal – Best rated

Guest rating: 8.6 | 1,470+ reviews

Located directly on the canals in the heart of Little Venice, Hotel Le Maréchal is the perfect base to explore the town. The hotel is housed in a renovated historic building from 1565, which adds to its charm. The rooms blend modern amenities with traditional Alsatian decor and antique furniture. The hotel’s restaurant, A l’Echevin, serves gourmet cuisine inspired by Alsatian and French culinary traditions.

Why book – fantastic location next to Little Venice, charming rooms with canal views, excellent breakfast

Ibis Styles – Most popular

Guest rating: 8.4 | 1,520+ reviews

Ibis Styles is set in an 18th-century brewery in the heart of the Old Town. The rooms are cosy and equipped with modern amenities, while still maintaining their historic charm. In case you’re arriving by car, there’s secure underground parking conveniently located just across the street.

Why book – excellent location in the Old Town, underground secure parking opposite the hotel

Luxury hotels in Vieux Colmar

L’Esquisse Hotel & Spa – Most popular

Guest rating: 9.0 | 1,490+ reviews

Located at Champ de Mars, just steps away from the Old Town, L’Esquisse Hotel & Spa offers a peaceful retreat. There is an excellent wellness centre, where you can enjoy a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and hammam. The hotel’s JY’s gourmet restaurant, awarded 2 Michelin stars, offers lovely views of the park.

Why book – 5min walk to the Old Town, Spa by Clarins, organic breakfast

Châteaux La Maison Des Têtes – Best rated

Guest rating: 9.1 | 450+ reviews

This 5-star hotel occupies a 17th-century historic building in the heart of Vieux Colmar. Combining Alsatian tradition with modernity, La Maison des Têtes offers a unique experience. To enjoy classic Alsatian dishes book a table at the hotel’s Brasserie des Têtes, and for a gourmet experience – at the Michelin-starred Restaurant Girardin.

Why book – right in the Old Town, exceptional breakfast, Michelin-starred restaurant

Apartments in Vieux Colmar

Reflets Sur La Lauch Appartements – Most popular

Guest rating: 9.7 | 430+ reviews

Reflets Sur La Lauch Appartements offer a fantastic location, directly on the canals in Little Venice. The apartments occupy an authentic half-timbered house, overlooking the picturesque Lauch River. The kitchen comes fully equipped, ensuring you have everything you need during your stay – a true home away from home experience.

Why book – next to Little Venice, river views, comfortable beds, fully equipped kitchen

Appartements des 2 Têtes – Most central

Guest rating: 9.5 | 270+ reviews

Appartements des 2 Têtes occupy an old historic building in the heart of Old Town. The location is superb, with everything conveniently close by, including the train station. The apartments are cosy and spacious, with a fully equipped kitchen.

Why book – right in the Old Town, public parking nearby, fully equipped kitchen

old town martin church
Old Town – best place to stay in Colmar for sightseeing

Quartier des Tanneurs – where to stay for Colmar Christmas Market

During the Christmas season, Colmar transforms into a fairytale. The half-timbered houses are decorated with hundreds of garlands, toys and bears. Along the canals, the medieval buildings are beautiful lip ut, creating a magical atmosphere. 6 Christmas markets are set in the Old Town, drawing thousands of visitors.

The best place to stay in Colmar for the Christmas Market is Quartier des Tanneurs. This historic district, located in the heart of Vieux Colmar, is known for its scenic canals and medieval atmosphere. Here, you’ll find four of the Christmas Markets, with the other two just a short stroll away.

Find everything you need to plan the perfect holiday getaway in my complete Colmar Christmas Market Guide.

During my visit to the Christmas market in Colmar, I stayed near Quartier des Tanneurs. I found the location extremely convenient, as it was within walking distance of all the markets!

Why stay in Quartier des Tanneurs for the Christmas Market

  • Quartier des Tanneurs is the most central area to stay in Colmar for the Christmas Market
  • there are 4 markets in immediate proximity (Place des Dominicains, Place de l’Ancienne Douane, Gourmet Market and Koïfhus) and another 2 within a short walk away (Place Jeanne d’Arc and Petite Venise)
  • the Colmar Train station, from where you can catch the Christmas shuttle bus to the nearby towns, is less than a 20min walk
  • St. Martin’s Church, where you can watch a spectacular 3D mapping display, is about a 5min walk away

Hotel Saint-Martin – Most popular

Guest rating: 8.2 | 3,760+ reviews

Located in the heart of the Old Town, Hotel Saint-Martin is the ideal starting point to discover the Christmas markets. The rooms feature Alsatian-style decorations, matching the hotel’s historic location in a traditional building.

Why book – next to 4 Christmas markets, public parking nearby

Hotel Le Colombier – Best rated

Guest rating: 8.4 | 3,210+ reviews

Hotel Le Colombier is situated in the beautiful Little Venice district, right next to Petite Venise Christmas Market. The delicious breakfast features local organic products, including bread, pastries and local specialities like Les Confitures du Climont.

Why book – 5min walk to the Christmas Markets, organic breakfast, private parking on-site

colmar christmas market old town
Quartier des Tanneurs – best area to stay in Colmar for the Christmas market

Best hotels in Colmar with parking

Finding parking in Colmar can be difficult due to the town’s limited space and narrow streets. In the Old Town, on-street parking is available but is metered and payable from 9 AM to 7 PM, with a limited duration allowed. That’s why if you’re planning to rent a car, I’d recommend booking a hotel with private parking. Another option is to park in any of the numerous car parks, located on the outskirts of the Old Town (find here a list of all car parks).

Here are some of the most popular hotels in Colmar with parking.

Novotel Suites – Most popular

​​Guest rating: 8.9 | 2,920+ reviews

Located a short walk from Little Venice and close to the A35 exit, Novotel Suites is the best place to stay in Colmar if you’re travelling by car. The hotel features a wellness centre, complete with a sauna and hammam, as well as a boutique shop for snacks.

Why book – 5min walk to Little Venice, spacious rooms, private parking garage

James Boutique Hôtel – Best rated

Guest rating: 9.0 | 2,850+ reviews

James Boutique Hôtel is conveniently located just a short stroll away from the Old Town and offers easy access to the A35 road. An ideal base to explore both the town and the Christmas markets, with the nearest one just a 5-minute walk away.

Why book – 5min walk to the Old Town, underground car park on-site, breakfast with local products

petite venise district
Little Venice is just a short walk from Novotel Suites

Best hotels near Colmar Train Station

Colmar Train Station (Gare de Colmar) is situated about a 15-minute walk from the Old Town. It’s a convenient place to stay if you’re travelling by train early in the morning or late in the evening. It’s also ideal if you’re planning a short one-night stay in the city and want easy access to trains.

Additionally, the train station serves as the departure point for the Christmas shuttle bus. I’d suggest staying here if you intend to use the Christmas shuttle daily to explore the Alsace region. Nevertheless, in all other cases, I’d advise staying directly within the Old Town. Its picturesque charm offers an unforgettable fairytale experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Here are some of the most popular hotels near Colmar train station.

Colmar Hotel – Most popular

Guest rating: 9.0 | 8,980+ reviews

This hotel has an ideal location, just a 2-minute walk from the train station and approximately a 15-minute stroll to the Old Town. It’s the perfect base for an overnight stay in Colmar with convenient access to trains.

Why book – 2min walk to the train station, 24-hour reception, private car park, great breakfast


Guest rating: 8.6 | 3,600+ reviews

PAUL & PIA is another great place to stay for easy access to trains. This quirky charming hotel is located a little bit closer to the Old Town, yet still within walking distance of the train station.

Why book – 5min walk to the train station, 24-hour reception, luggage lockers

Faqs about where to stay in Colmar

Is Colmar worth staying in?

Absolutely, Colmar is one of the most beautiful fairytale towns in Europe. It is worth staying in for its picturesque charm, historic architecture and delicious cuisine. Colmar is also a convenient base to explore the beautiful Alsace region.

Is it better to stay in Colmar or Strasbourg?

If you’re planning to explore Alsace by car, stay in Colmar. It’s more picturesque and situated closer to many quaint towns compared to Strasbourg. Yet, if your itinerary only includes Colmar and Strasbourg, opt for Strasbourg for your overnight stay. It is much larger than Colmar and has plenty of attractions, including a stunning Gothic Cathedral. Plus, Strasbourg has excellent public transportation connections to the rest of France, including Paris.

What is the best place to stay in Colmar?

The best place to stay in Colmar is Hotel Le Colombier. It is situated in the beautiful Little Venice district, just a short stroll from the most popular attractions, restaurants and wine bars.

Best hotels to stay in Colmar, France

🔝 Most popular hotelHotel Le Colombier8.4 | 3,210+ reviews
🏩 Best mid-range hotelHotel Le Maréchal8.6 | 1,470+ reviews
💎 Best luxury hotelL’Esquisse Hotel & Spa9.0 | 1,490+ reviews
💖 Best hotel for couplesIbis Styles Colmar Centre8.4 | 1,520+ reviews
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Best hotel for familiesHotel Saint-Martin8.2 | 3,760+ reviews

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