Where to stay in Edinburgh – the best areas and hotels

Where to stay in Edinburgh – the best areas and hotels

Are you wondering where to stay in Edinburgh – Old Town or New Town? Which are the best hotels and places to stay in Edinburgh? This guide will help you to find out the perfect area for your stay.

Edinburgh is not only the capital of Scotland, but it is also one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It has a very distinctive look because of its dark sandstone buildings. Edinburgh is a wonderful mix of medieval, Victorian and Georgian architecture.

During my first trip to Edinburgh, I stayed in a residential area very close to Calton Hill. On one hand, it was nice, because after dinner I could go and watch the sunset from Calton Hill. On the other side, I was too tired to go back and explore the city at night. The next time I will definitely stay at the New Town.

Continue reading to find out the best areas to stay in Edinburgh.

The best area to stay in Edinburgh map

Where to stay in Edinburgh – Old Town or New Town?

If you are mostly interested in sightseeing, the best places to stay in Edinburgh are the Old Town and the New Town. Some of the best hotels in Edinburgh are here, too.

Old Town

This is the place, where the history of Edinburgh started centuries ago. You can’t make a single step without running into a famous landmark. Take a walk on the famous Royal Mile and enjoy the stunning medieval architecture.

Choose the Old Town

If you want to be in the very heart of Edinburgh and close to everything. This is the best area to stay in Edinburgh if you are visiting the city for the first time.


  • All the must see sites are here: the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, St Giles’ Cathedral, Greyfriars Kirk, Holyrood Palace and much more.
  • Edinburgh Waverley bus and railway stations are also here. This is very convenient if you are planning any day trips from Edinburgh.
  • Some of the landmarks are illuminated at night. Thus a walk late in the evening in the Old Town is a great way to see the beauty of the city at night.
  • Victoria Street, one of the most beautiful streets in Edinburgh, is in the Old Town.
  • Don’t miss to try the breakfast at Hula Juice Bar & Gallery, some doughnuts at Baba Budan and some delicious gelato at Mary’s Milk Bar.
  • Start your day with the amazing coffee at the Milkman.
  • For you, pork meat lovers, go to Oink.

Where to stay in Edinburgh, Old Town

Old Town Chambers

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The Witchery by the Castle

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The Inn on the Mile

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New Town

As the name suggests this part of the city is newer than the Old Town. Yet, it is not quite new. The New Town is built around the 18th century and it is a splendid example of the Georgian architecture. It is a walkable distance from the Old Town. This is the best place to stay in Edinburgh if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the Old Town. The New Town is my favourite area to stay in Edinburgh.

Choose the New Town

If you are searching for a calmer place, close to the main attractions and filled with trendy restaurants and bars.


  • The main landmarks are in a walking distance from the New Town. You are also closer to Calton Hill and Dean Village.
  • The area is filled with boutique shops and designer stores.
  • If you are travelling from Glasgow, the buses stop here, at Edinburgh Bus Station.
  • For tasty Mexican food go to El Cartel, for Indian – Dishoom Edinburgh.
  • Don’t miss the cookies at Ben’s Cookies and the cocktails at Panda & Sons.

Where to stay in the New Town


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The Rutland Hotel

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The Balmoral Hotel

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Staying in Edinburgh for longer

West End

If you plan to stay longer in Edinburgh, the West End is a really good choice. The district is residential with beautiful Georgian architecture. Bordering with the Old and the New Town, West End is a quiet place that is still close to everything.

Choose the West End

If this is not your first visit to Edinburgh or you are looking for a more local vibe.


  • Must-see sites: St Mary’s Cathedral and Dean Village.
  • Haymarket railway station is here as well.

Where to stay in Edinburgh, West End

The Chester Residence

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Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa

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Today hotel deals

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Have you been to Edinburgh? What are the best areas to stay in Edinburgh for you?


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Where to stay in Edinburgh – the best area and hotels

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