Where to Stay in Plovdiv (Best Area + Hotels)

A complete guide to where to stay in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (+ the best hotels in the Old Town, in the city centre and for nightlife).

Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria and its cultural capital. Being the oldest living city in Europe, Plovdiv is bursting with history and character. You’ll find ancient Roman ruins standing next to beautiful old houses in Bulgarian Revival style and modern bars.

Visiting the city for the first time? Then take a look at my complete itinerary for one day in Plovdiv. It covers all the must-see places and the best restaurants to try Bulgarian food.

Plovdiv is split into several large districts that are further divided into smaller neighbourhoods. You’ll spend all of your time in the Central district (particularly in the Old Town and Kapana). This is where all the tourist attractions, restaurants and bars are.

Continue reading to discover the best places to stay in Plovdiv (including the best hotels in the Old Town and the city centre).

Where I stayed

My favourite area to stay in Plovdiv is the city centre. I prefer it as it is not hilly as the Old Town. In addition, the South bus station is within a walkable distance. It’s easy to reach your hotel on foot if you’re arriving by bus from Sofia.

My favourite place to stay in Plovdiv is The Stay Hotel Central Square. Fantastic location, right on the main pedestrian street, a short walk from all tourist attractions. Modern rooms with all the necessary equipment.

Most popular hotel in Plovdiv

In a hurry? Looking for a great hotel with a convenient location? Then check out Hotel Evmolpia – it’s the most popular hotel in the Old Town of Plovdiv.

Hotel Evmolpia – Most popular

Hotel Evmolpia boasts an ideal location in the heart of the Old Town. This unique property is set in a traditional Bulgarian Renaissance house. It’s the best place to stay to feel the charm of the Old Town.
Why book – central location, tea and coffee facilities, free parking

Plovdiv Old Town

Where to stay in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Old Town – best area to stay in Plovdiv

The best area to stay for sightseeing is the Old Town. Almost all of the attractions are clustered here. Plus, the area still keeps the spirit of the old times.

Plovdiv is one of the most ancient cities in the whole world. It started as a Neolithic settlement in 4000 BC. Nebet Tepe is the place where the ancient town was founded. You can still see the ruins of its fortress walls and towers in the Old Town.

The area is full of colourful houses from the 19th century. Narrow cobbled streets guide you to charming little restaurants and shops. Many of the hotels occupy restored old houses.

However, there is one flaw. As the Old Town is located on three hills you can imagine that it’s quite hilly. It’s good to take this in mind while choosing where to stay in Plovdiv. If you’re not into walking, probably staying in the city centre would be the better choice for you.

Why stay in the Old Town

  • stay here to experience what it felt like to live in Bulgaria during the 19th century
  • almost all of the landmarks are here, including the Roman Amphitheatre, most of the art galleries and museums
  • you’ll be just a short walk from Nebet Tepe, the best place to watch the sunset

Plovdiv Old Town hotels (Best for couples)

Hotel Evmolpia – Most popular

Hotel Evmolpia is one of the best places to stay for couples in the Old Town. This romantic property is set in a traditional Bulgarian Renaissance house. The wooden antique beds add to the authentic atmosphere.
Why book – central location, tea and coffee facilities, free parking

Belle Ville Hotel – Closest to Roman Amphitheatre

This small family-run hotel features large 19th-century style rooms and excellent service. The location is perfect to explore the Old Town. Plus it’s easy to reach the city centre from here.
Why book – 260m from the Roman Amphitheatre, outdoor terrace and garden, excellent breakfast

Photo House – Best for sightseeing and nightlife

If you’re interested both in sightseeing and nightlife, this is the best place to stay. The hotel is located on the border between the Old Town and Kapana (an area, known for its restaurants and bar scene).
Why book – 300m from the Roman Amphitheatre, spacious rooms, excellent restaurant

Plovdiv Old Town hotels (Best for families)

Hotel Residence Hebros – Most popular

This atmospheric hotel occupies a 19th-century Renaissance building. It’s right in the heart of Old Town, close to all major attractions and restaurants. Also, the hotel features a Bulgarian traditional restaurant with an extensive wine list (over 400 labels).
Why book – 310m from the Roman Amphitheatre, authentic atmosphere, comfy and spacious rooms

Family Hotel at Renaissance Square – Best rated

The hotel is situated at the base of the Old Town, only 200m away from the Roman Amphitheatre. The Revival interior features classical wooden beds and hardwood floors covered with traditional rugs.
Why book – 200m from the Roman Amphitheatre, good breakfast, airport shuttle, free parking

City Centre

City Centre – best area for one night

The best place to stay in Plovdiv for one night is the city centre. If you stay in this area, you’d be close to everything. The Old Town is only 500m away and the South bus station is about 1km. Kapana district, an area filled with trendy boutiques and bars, is a few minutes walk.

There are a lot of landmarks to see, too. A Roman Stadium from the 2nd century AD lies beneath the main pedestrian street. The oldest mosque in the Balkans is also right in the city centre.

Why stay in the city centre

  • stay here if you want to reach easily all parts of the city
  • the South bus station is at a walkable distance
  • a few of the tourist attractions are here, including the Roman Stadium and Dzhumaya Mosque
  • try the waffles with chocolate or forest fruits at Gelateria Afreddo
  • rest at the beautiful Tsar Simeon Garden and see the singing fountains

Hotels in Plovdiv City Centre (Best for couples)

8 1/2 Art Guest House – Most popular

This stylish property features modern comfortable rooms. The location is very central, still quiet enough. Numerous cafes and restaurants around the hotel. In addition, the breakfast buffet is amazing, offering a huge range of gourmet foods.
Why book – next to the main pedestrian street, beautifully decorated rooms with comfortable beds

Villa Antica – Best rated

The property is located at the ideal centre, right in front of the Ancient Theatre Odeon. The main pedestrian street is just around the corner. The breakfast buffet is vegetarian-friendly and features Bulgarian and international dishes.
Why book – next to the main pedestrian street, garden, comfy air-conditioned rooms

Hotels in Plovdiv City Centre (Best for families)

Venis House – Most popular

This small hotel has an excellent location, just next to the central square and the main pedestrian street. Easy walking distance to the Old Town and many restaurants. Plus, there is free parking at the property and a huge shopping mall just around the corner.
Why book – 200m from the main pedestrian street, close to restaurants and supermarkets, spacious rooms

Hotel Odeon – Best rated

Odeon is a lovely hotel with a vintage atmosphere right in the heart of the city centre. Perfect place to stay to explore both the Old Town and the city centre. Plus, the hotel features an amazing restaurant with a great wine list.
Why book – next to the main pedestrian street, nicely decorated spacious rooms with comfy beds


Kapana – where to stay in Plovdiv for nightlife

The best area to stay in Plovdiv for nightlife is Kapana. This is the city’s hipster neighbourhood.

In the past craftsmen lived and worked in the area. And the place still keeps its art atmosphere! If you’re looking for vegan food, trendy coffee shops and bars or unique souvenirs, you’ll find them here. It’s no wonder, that some of the best restaurants in the city are in the area.

Why stay in Kapana neighbourhood

  • stay here if you’re looking for a vibrant and colourful area with good restaurants and bars
  • try some Aperol or craft beer at Monkey House
  • taste the meatballs and the French fries at Pavaj (the best restaurant in Plovdiv)
  • sit and relax with a cup of coffee in Basquiat Café

Best Hotels in Kapana district

Old Plovdiv House in Kapana Area – Most popular

This property is perfectly located in the heart of the Kapana district. All local bars, restaurants and shops are at hand. The comfy rooms are soundproof, so you won’t be disturbed by noise at night. Also, the hotel features a restaurant and a wonderful Spa centre.
Why book – in the heart of Kapana, spacious rooms, great Spa centre, free coffee

Boutique Guest House Coco – Best for nightlife and sightseeing

The location is more than ideal – of the edge of Kapana and the Old Town. This makes it a great place for travellers interested both in nightlife and sightseeing. Comfy and very stylish rooms.
Why book – central location, bar on site, stylish rooms with modern amenities

Bright House – Best apartments

Fabulous large apartments equipped with kitchenette in the heart of Kapana district.
Why book – in the heart of Kapana, spacious air-conditioned apartments, private parking

What is the best area to stay in Plovdiv for you?
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