Where to stay in Sofia – the best area and hotels

best places to stay in sofia bulgaria

Where to stay in Sofia, Bulgaria? Which areas to avoid? What are the best places to stay in Sofia?

I love living in Sofia. It was a love at first sight. The city is my home for the last 15 years. It is the perfect base for a traveller – cheap with a lot of history and great nightlife. Sofia is an awesome destination for a long weekend escape, too.

Choosing where to stay in Sofia, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time can be a little bit confusing. Usually, when I book a hotel for any trip I take care to choose something right in the city centre. However, this rule doesn’t apply to Sofia. There are few areas in the centre that it’s better to be avoided.

The best area to stay in Sofia – map

The City Centre

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

If you are visiting the city for a day or two choose the centre of Sofia. All main landmarks, restaurants and bars will be under your nose. You can walk everywhere and avoid using any public transport at all. Just step outside your hotel and feel the atmosphere of the city. Most of the hotels are also located here.

Yet there is one flaw, this area could be a little noisy at night. It depends on where you are staying exactly.

In any case avoid the central parts around Lavov most (Лъвов мост), the Central station and Pirotska Street. There are a lot of immigrants, the areas look quite shabby and they are not safe. Check out the map at the beginning of the post to see which central parts are good to stay in.

Choose the area

If you’re short on time or want to be on a few minutes walk from all clubs and bars.


  • All the must-see sites are in the city centre and you can skip the public transport.
  • Just in case if you need to use the underground, the two metro lines M1 and M2 cross here at Serdika station. Thus you can easily reach any part of the city, even the Sofia Airport.
  • Visit St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Russian Church. Learn more about the history of the city in Sofia History Museum. If you are an art lover go to Square 500.
  • The area is full of small lovely restaurants: Made in Home, Made in Blue, Skara Bar 2, The Little Things.
  • Confetti – the best place for ice-cream in Sofia.
  • Memento – a great spot to start your day with a coffee and finish it with a tasty cocktail while watching the world go by.

The best places to stay in Sofia city centre

Luxury & boutique hotels

Sofia Hotel Balkan – a 5-star luxury hotel with a great location in the heart of Sofia, next to Serdika metro station.
Check availability & prices on  Agoda.com    |    Booking.com 

Sense Hotel Sofia – a boutique hotel with an amazing panoramic rooftop bar.
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Mid-range hotels

Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel – a 4-star stylish hotel with an excellent location.
Check availability & prices on  Agoda.com    |    Booking.com 

Central Hotel Sofia – a 4-star hotel with modern rooms and tasty breakfast.
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Vitosha Apartments – comfy apartments with a perfect location.
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Vitosha Downtown Apartments – spacious apartments in an area full of shops and restaurants.
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Park Zaimov
Park Zaimov

It is a very little nice area quite close to the centre of the city. The area is residential and calm, full of cute little restaurants. There is no metro connection to the city centre, only buses. If you prefer to walk you will need 15 minutes by foot to reach the centre. I really love this area, it has some kind of an old charm.

Choose the area

If you are looking for a quiet central place, not far from the tourist sites.


  • Two great parks are on hand: Zaimov and the Doctor’s Garden.
  • HleBar – try the local delicacy – banitsa.
  • Raketa Rakia Bar – the best place to try the local “whisky” called rakia.
  • Skara Bar 1 – one of the top places for meatballs.
  • Sputnik – my favourite cocktail bar in Sofia.

Where to stay in Sofia, Oborishte

Mid-range hotels

Sofia Residence Boutique Hotel – an exquisite 4-star hotel.
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Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel – a 4-star elegant hotel next to the famous Doctor’s Garden.
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Apartment Sofia Central – a beautifully designed and quiet apartment.
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Sofia Style Apartments – nice and cosy apartments with fully equipped kitchen.
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Today hotel deals

Things to do in Sofia

2 days in Sofia

Discover some of the hidden bars of Sofia

Take a day trip to the famous Rila Monastery.

Explore the beautiful Seven Rila Lakes.

I recommend these tours

How to get from Sofia airport to the city centre

Sofia-Vrazhdebna Airport (Летище София-Враждебна) is located about 10km from the city centre. You can reach it using the public transport. There are two terminals, which are not within a walking distance from each other.

Low-cost companies like Wizz Air and Easyjet use Terminal 1, while all others use Terminal 2. There is a free shuttle transfer between the two terminals every 30 minutes.

See the cheapest flights to Sofia

What is the best area to stay in Sofia for you?

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Where to stay in Sofia, Bulgaria - The best area to stay in Sofia

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