Where to stay in Vienna – the best area and hotels

Where to stay in Vienna - the best area and hotels

Where to stay in Vienna for sightseeing? What is the best location? Which are the best hotels in Vienna’s city centre? This guide will help you to find the best location for your perfect trip to Vienna.

Almost all the landmarks are in the city centre within a walking distance from each other. If you have already bought your airplane ticket, there is only one thing left you should take care of – choosing where to stay in Vienna.


The best area to stay in Vienna, Austria – map

There are 23 districts (Bezirk) in Vienna. The smaller is the number of the district, the closer it is to the city centre. You can find out the number of any neighbourhood by looking on its postcode. So postcode 1020 is the 2nd district and postcode 1150 is the 15th. In this way, you can easily find out where a hotel is located only by looking at its address.

Where to stay in Vienna for sightseeing

Choosing where to stay in Vienna depends on your budget and the time you have to see the imperial city. Vienna has very well-connected public transport. Even if you choose a hotel not exactly in the city centre, you will easily reach every part of the city. Take a look at my suggestions on where to stay in Vienna and see which area will fit you best.

The Historic Centre (Innere Stadt) – 1st district

Stay here if you want to see the charm of old Vienna. The Historic centre is the heart of Vienna. The grand boulevard Ringstrasse surrounds the first district. This boulevard is built on the site of the former city walls. This is the best area to stay in Vienna, especially if you aren’t on a budget.

Almost all of the main landmarks are here. You will walk on picturesque cobbled alleyways, surrounded by strikingly beautiful palaces. Little restaurants serving mouth watering Austrian food are tucked away between centuries-old buildings. And if you are searching where to eat the best schnitzel in Vienna, you will find it here.

You can’t go wrong with staying in the Historic centre if your time is limited. This is also the best choice if you are visiting the city for the Christmas markets. Most of them are located in the centre or very close to Ringstrasse.

Where to stay in the Historic centre

Hotel Am Stephansplatz

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The Guesthouse Vienna

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Hollmann Beletage Design & Boutique

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Hotel Imperial

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Landstrasse – 3rd district

If you want to stay near the main sights, but can’t afford a hotel in the Historic centre, choose the western part of Landstrasse. It is in walking distance from the Innere Stadt. The 3rd district will capture you with the stunning Belvedere Palace and the bizarre Hundertwasser House. The Wien Mitte railway station, located also here, is an important transportation hub. No matter if you take S7 train or CAT (City Airport Train) from the airport, both of them will drop you here.

Where to stay in Landstrasse

Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna

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Hotel Spiess & Spiess Appartement-Pension

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Wieden – 4th district

Wieden is a small hipster district south from the Innere Stadt. Between the residential buildings, you will find a lot of art and antique shops and even vegan supermarkets. The Historic Centre is within a short walk from here. The beautiful facade of Karlskirche gives an additional charm to the 4th district.

Where to stay in Wieden


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Best Western Premier Kaiserhof Wien

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Neubau – 7th district

Neubau is the perfect place to discover the art life of the city. Here you will find the unique MuseumsQuartier – a heaven for museum lovers. The 7th district is lively, dynamic and at the same time close to the city centre. Stay here if you want to feel the young pulse of the city, combined with a taste of old Vienna.

Neubau together with Wieden are my favourite neighbourhoods to stay in Vienna. It is like living as a local, but at the same time surrounded with a lot of history and art.

Where to stay in Neubau

Hotel Sans Souci Wien

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Hotel Altstadt Vienna

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Staying longer in Vienna

There are few neighbourhoods that are pretty much residential, but yet close to the city centre. They are marked in grey on the map. They are great options if you want to stay longer or your budget is tight.

Leopoldstadt – 2nd district

Leopoldstadt is located north of the Historic centre. If you decided to stay in the 2nd district, choose the western part. It is a short subway ride from the centre or a 15 minutes walk.

Leopoldstadt is the home of the famous Prater and the Giant Ferris Wheel. The Praterstern railway station (Bahnhof Praterstern) is here. Thit is very convenient if you are coming from the airport by S7 train.
My favourite place to stay in Vienna, Leopoldstadt is Hotel Das Capri. It is conveniently located between Stephansplatz and the Prater. I also love, love the breakfast there.

Das Capri

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Mariahilf – 6th district

In Mariahilf you will find the largest market in Vienna – Naschmarkt. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat and everything you can imagine. The Naschmarkt is the perfect place to stock your refrigerator.

Josefstadt – 8th district

Josefstadt is the smallest of all districts. It is named after the Habsburg Emperor Joseph II. The second biggest market In Vienna, Brunnenmarkt, is located here.

Alsergrund – 9th district

Choose the eastern part of Alsergrund if you want to be close to the Historic Centre. Although Alsergrund is mostly residential, you’ll find the stunning Gothic church, Votivkirche, and a few interesting museums.

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Have you been to Vienna? What is the best area to stay in Vienna for you?

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Where to stay in Vienna – the best area and hotels

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