Best Places to Stay in Vienna (For First Time Visitors)

where to stay in vienna austria

Visiting Vienna for the first time? This guide will help you discover the best areas and places, so you can easily decide where to stay in Vienna (plus hand-picked hotels and apartments).

where to stay in vienna austria

Vienna, the city of Mozart and Strauss, is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. It’s a gorgeous place with stunning architecture and imperial palaces. If you’re planning to visit the capital of Austria, there is one big question: What is the best place to stay in Vienna?

Wondering 2 or 3 days to spend in the city?
Find out how many days to stay in Vienna for a perfect vacation.

There are 23 districts (Bezirk) in Vienna. The smaller is the number of the district, the closer it is to the city centre. You can find out the number of any neighbourhood by looking at its postcode. So postcode 1020 is the 2nd district and postcode 1150 is the 15th. In this way, you can easily find out where a hotel is located only by looking at its address.

Where to stay in Vienna (a quick guide for first-time visitors)

  • Historic Centre – for sightseeing
  • Wien Mitte and Praterstern Railway station – for one night
  • Karlsplatz – for Christmas Markets

Where I stayed in Vienna

I’ve been several times to Vienna and for me, the most convenient area is Leopoldstadt district. And to be precise the area between the Historic City Centre and Praterstern railway station.

My favourite hotel in this area is Das Capri Hotel. It’s a lovely hotel that serves the most delicious breakfast I’ve tried. Plus, the rooms are comfy and quiet and the staff is incredibly helpful.

I find the area convenient as both the Praterstern station and the Historic Centre are at a walkable distance. Plus, it’s not so touristy. Also, it’s a great area if you plan on doing side trips from Vienna or catch the train to the airport.

Most popular hotel

In a hurry? Looking for a nice hotel with a great location and a good rating?

Then check out Hotel Astoria – it’s one of the most booked hotels. This is the best place to stay in Vienna if you’re visiting the city for a first-time.

Austria Trend Hotel Astoria – Great for families and couples

A great 4-star hotel with a perfect location in the Historic Centre close to the cathedral. Rooms are huge and comfy with a charming authentic atmosphere.

Where to stay in Vienna for first-time visitors

The best place to stay in Vienna for sightseeing is the Historic Centre. Almost all the landmarks are there within a walking distance from each other. There won’t be any need to use public transport (unless you’re visiting Schonbrunn).

The Historic Centre is the city’s heart. The grand boulevard Ringstrasse surrounds the first district. This boulevard is built on the site of the former city walls. This is the best area to stay in Vienna, especially if your time is limited. Find a map of the best areas here.

Almost all of the main landmarks are in the Historic Centre. You will walk on picturesque cobbled alleyways, surrounded by strikingly beautiful palaces. Little restaurants serving mouth-watering Austrian food are tucked away between centuries-old buildings.

Choose Wien Historic Centre

If you want to see the charm of old Vienna and be in the heart of the action.

  • You can reach by foot all must see-sites (Imperial Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, City Hall).
  • The most famous opera houses are here: Musikverein, State Opera House and Kursalon. Don’t miss to see a Mozart Concert at the Golden Hall.
  • Restaurant Pürstner – they serve the best schnitzel in Vienna.
  • Ribs of Vienna – ribs lover, you gonna love this.
  • There are four Christmas markets in the 1st district. The most famous ones are on Stephansplatz and in front of the City Hall.
  • Go for shopping on Graben and Kärntner Straße.
  • Café Neko – cat lovers, don’t miss it! It’s the only cat cafe in the city.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Hotels in the Vienna Historic Centre

Hotels near St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Best for families)

Austria Trend Hotel Astoria – Most popular

A great 4-star hotel in the middle of a big shopping street, only 300m away from the cathedral and the subway. The hotel features a charming authentic atmosphere and huge comfy rooms.
Location: 300m to Stephansdom Facilities: public parking nearby, WiFi Guests love: comfy beds, huge rooms

Hotel Domizil – Closest to the cathedral

Hotel Domizil is one of the closest to St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Stephansplatz. Although located in the heart of the city, the hotel is on a quiet street, so you won’t be bothered by noise. It’s the perfect place to stay for sightseeing, shopping and restaurants. The breakfast includes hot and cold buffets with a wide range of choices.
Location: 100m to Stephansdom Facilities: airport shuttle, public parking nearby Guests love: location, big rooms, great breakfast 

Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth – Best rated

Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth is one of the best rated near the cathedral. It’s a modern hotel housed in a 19th-century historic building. The location is excellent – on a quiet street within walking distance to all major attractions, shops and restaurants.
Location: 150m to Stephansdom Facilities: airport shuttle, private parking nearby Guests love: large rooms, gourmet breakfast 

Hotels near St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Best for couples)

Schlosshotel Römischer Kaiser – Best rated

Housed in a historic building from the 17th century, the hotel features an authentic Viennese atmosphere. The rooms are beautifully decorated in traditional style with comfortable beds and huge bathrooms. Plus, it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the cathedral and the State Opera.
Location: 600m to Stephansdom Facilities: airport shuttle, public parking nearby Guests love: 24 hours free coffee at reception, breakfast

Arthotel ANA Amadeus – Closest to the cathedral

If you want to stay right in the heart of the city, this is the best option. The location is more than perfect – 2 minutes on foot from Stephansplatz and the corresponding subway station. Plus, all the main attractions are within walking distance. Spacious traditional rooms with modern touches.
Location: 200m to Stephansdom Facilities: airport shuttle, public parking nearby Guests love: location, comfy beds

Luxury hotels in the Historic Centre

Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof – Most popular

The property is just down the street from Hofburg Palace, 600m away from Stephansplatz. The location is walkable to all major attractions and the shopping streets. Plus, there is a subway station next to the hotel. The hotel features great Spa and wellness centre and spacious elegant rooms.
Location: 600m to Stephansdom Facilities: wellness centre, private parking on site Guests love: great breakfast, pillow options

Grand Hotel Wien – Best rated

Grand Hotel is a gorgeous luxury hotel close to Karlsplatz metro station. If you want to pamper yourself, this is the place to stay. The hotel features an awesome spa centre, two fine dining restaurants and a rooftop terrace with panoramic city views.
Location: 300m to Karlsplatz Facilities: Michelin-starred restaurant, wellness centre, rooftop terrace Guests love: luxury rooms, excellent breakfast

Apartments in the Historic Centre

Appartement-Hotel an der Riemergasse – Best rated

These modern well-equipped apartments are less than 300m from the cathedral.
Location: 300m to Stephansdom Facilities: public parking nearby, airport shuttle Guests love: excellent and quiet location

Singerstrasse 21/25 Apartments – Modern and bright

Modern, bright and spacious apartments within walking distance to all major sites.
Location: 300m to Stephansdom Facilities: iPod dock, private parking on site, 24-hour reception Guests love: location, Nespresso machine

Belvedere Palace

Where to stay in Vienna for one night

If you have only one night, choose accommodation near Wien Mitte (Landstrasse district) or Praterstern Railway station (Leopoldstadt district). The city has an excellent public transport system, so you’d easily reach all the must-see attractions.

Don’t stay near the Central Railway Station as it’s a little far from the Historic Centre (unless you don’t have a very early train departure).

Which area you’d choose depends on how you’d travel from the airport and what attractions you’d like to see most. Wien Mitte has a slight advantage than Praterstern as Mitte is closer to the Historic Centre. Plus, the must-see sights Belvedere Palace and the bizarre Hundertwasser House are in the area. Moreover, the CAT train from the airport stops only at Mitte station.

Wien Mitte

Wien Mitte is one of the best options for one night stay in Vienna. Both the Historic Centre and Belvedere Palace are less than 1km away. You can reach them by foot or you can take the underground – line U3 for the city centre and line U4 for the palace.

Going to the airport is also easy – just catch CAT (City Airport Train) or the S7 train from Wien Mitte station.

Hotel Am Parkring – Best for families

Am Parkring is one of the best rated hotels near Wien Mitte. Situated right next to the Stadtpark, the hotel features panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Close to the main pedestrian area with many restaurants and shops nearby. In addition, you can easily walk to Wien Mitte station and CAT train to and from the airport.
Location: 500m to Wien Mitte Facilities: gourmet restaurant, airport shuttle Guests love: panoramic views, SKY channels

Mercure Grand Hotel Biedermeier – Best for couples

The hotel is perfectly situated between 2 metro station and only 300m away from Wien Mitte. The Historic Centre is less than 1km away. Plus, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants near the hotel. The perfect place for one night stay in Vienna.
Location: 300m to Wien Mitte Facilities: wellness facilities, public parking on site Guests love: breakfast, spacious rooms 

Praterstern Railway station

The area around Praterstern Railway station is also a great option for one night stay. It’s a short subway ride from the centre or a 15 minutes walk.

The S7 train from the airport stops here at Praterstern railway station (Bahnhof Praterstern). Moreover, one of the iconic city’s sites, the Giant Ferris Wheel, is right next to the Praterstern train station. Taking a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel is a must-do! The city views are stunning, especially in the evening.

Austria Classic Hotel – Best for families

If you look for accommodation as close to Praterstern station as possible, don’t look further. This modern hotel is situated only 50m away from the train station and the subway. It’s about 15m walk from the Historic Centre (if you prefer to walk).
Location: 50m to Praterstern station Facilities: WiFi, private parking on site Guests love: quiet rooms, great breakfast selection

Das Capri – Best for couples

Das Capri is a family run hotel with great attention to details. The rooms are themed – each one represents a famous place in the city. The breakfast features a wide range of hot and cold choices, plus a lot of local products. The Nestroyplatz metro station is just outside the hotel and the train station – 500m away.
Location: 500m to Praterstern station Facilities: airport shuttle, private parking on site Guests love: excellent breakfast, themed rooms

Vienna Central Station

If you prefer to stay near the Central Railway Station, because of an early train departure, check out the hotel below. It’s one of the closest hotels near the train station (and one of the best rated, too).

Novotel Hauptbahnhof – Most popular

Novotel Hauptbahnhof is an excellent hotel with a high level of comfort. The location is perfect for the Railway station, on a side quiet street without noise or crowds. Elegant rooms with super comfy beds and pillows. Plus, there is a restaurant and a parking garage on site.
Location: next to Hauptbahnhof Facilities: WiFi, 24-hour front desk Guests love: convenient location

Vienna Christmas markets

The best area to stay in Vienna for Christmas Markets

The city is magical in December. There are more than ten Christmas markets all over the city. Most of them are in the Historic Centre or along the grand boulevard Ringstrasse.

If you’re visiting the city in December, check out this Vienna Christmas markets guide. It covers all the must-see markets (including opening times and locations).

The best area to stay in Vienna for Christmas Markets is around Karlsplatz. You’d be at a walking distance from two of the Christmas markets – at Karlsplatz and Belvedere Palace. Moreover, three of the metro lines (U1, U2 and U4) cross at Karlsplatz metro station.

This is super convenient, as you’d able to reach the rest of the markets without changing lines. And be sure that you’ll need the subway (no matter how much you like to walk), as the city is freezingly cold in December.

Hotel Kaiserhof – Best for families

Hotel Kaiserhof Wien is a great place to stay for Christmas. Modern elegant rooms with comfortable enormous beds with soft linens. The breakfast buffet is full of hot and cold options (suitable even for those with food allergies).
Location: 300m to Karlsplatz Facilities: airport shuttle, private parking on site Guests love: high-quality breakfast, option for allergy-free room

Motel One Staatsoper – Best for couples

This stylish hotel is only a short walk from Karlsplatz and the State Opera House. Modern boutique rooms with comfortable beds.
Location: 150m to Karlsplatz Facilities: WiFi, 24-hour bar on site  Guests love: trendy rooms, large makeup mirror

More places to stay in Vienna, Austria

If you still wonder where to stay in Vienna, check out the charming Wieden and Neubau neighbourhoods.

Wieden – 4th district

St. Charles' Church

Wieden is a small hipster district south of the Innere Stadt. Between the residential buildings, you will find a lot of art and antique shops and even vegan supermarkets. The Historic Centre is within a short walk from here. The beautiful facade of Karlskirche gives an additional charm to the 4th district.

Choose Wieden

If you are looking for a hipster, charming neighbourhood close to the city centre.

  • The elegant Karlskirche is located in Wieden. In December there is also a Christmas market in front of the church.
  • The Central train station is close. This makes the area very convenient for taking day trips. If you plan a day trip to Bratislava, you have to take a train from this station.
  • Wiener Wiazhaus – try the ribs or the Schnitzel.
  • The largest market in the city, Naschmarkt, is a short distance away (in the nearby district Mariahilf). Take a gourmet tour of Naschmarkt and explore the market while tasting selected delicacies.

Neubau – 7th district


Neubau is the perfect place to discover the art life of the city. Here you will find the unique MuseumsQuartier – heaven for museum lovers. The 7th district is lively, dynamic and at the same time close to the city centre.

Neubau together with Wieden are my favourite neighbourhoods. It is like living like a local, but at the same time surrounded by a lot of history and art.

Choose Neubau

If you want to feel the young pulse of the city, combined with a taste of old Vienna.

  • Explore the largest art complex in Vienna, MuseumsQuartier.
  • Three Christmas markets are here to warm you in the cold December.

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What is the best location to stay in Vienna for you?
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